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  1. AnonymousOne

    M35a3 Combat Wheel Maintenance

    How to stop a leaking M35a3 wheel / change the tire
  2. AnonymousOne

    FM 55-312-1991 - Convoy Manuals

    The FM is from Apr 1991 and the Tactical Convoy Handbook is estimated at Apr 2003 which contains an interesting section on Hardening a Truck with Sandbags.
  3. AnonymousOne

    Dickies Drivers Seat Cover M35a3 M998 Installed photos

    If there are any die hard collectors out there who don't want to wear out their seat canvas or someone like me who uses their truck for work.... I purchased a Dickies Heavy Duty Canvas Seat Cover $25 (for one). It is not a perfect fit because it is a "universal" fit, but it really isn't that...
  4. AnonymousOne

    MA Medfield Day - Police Command Deuce pictures

    I saw this and thought you guys would enjoy what one police department did to their deuce / M35a2. I tried to get a lot of pic's incase someone here is interested in trying this on their truck.
  5. AnonymousOne

    How to change an M35a3 tire / stop air leaks / Picture by Picture

    Hi, I had a leak in my M35a3 wheel assembly and took the thing apart to replace the seals and a few cracked brass connectors. As I didn't know what I was doing I took pictures in case I need to undo something that I shouldn't have done. Turns out I must have done something right as the wheel...
  6. AnonymousOne

    m35a3 split rim o-ring issue / wrong part?

    Hi, Forgive me for posting something that has been posted before but I have spent a few hours looking for something but haven't found anything that talks about my issue .. so on that note ... I have a few slow leaks on 2 of my tires (go figure - LOL) so in anticipation of changing rotted...
  7. AnonymousOne

    Buyer Feedback site error

    Hi, I am trying to give WC43 a good feedback rating on an item I purchased from him. Here is what I did ... I found his name in an email. Clicked the leave seller feedback. Filled out all the boxes on the form ... but the form wont submit...
  8. AnonymousOne

    Foxboro, MA Thus Oct 18, 2012 - Car Show

    Ok .... Last night for the year of the Bass Pro Thursday Nights Car Shows. Going to make a run for it as it was a great time last time we went. If folks are interested, I was thinking meeting around 4:30 and driving the last mile together. I am a little flexible with the time but to get to...
  9. AnonymousOne

    Saw this at MA Nat Guard Staging Ground - any ideas?

    Howdy, Saw this at an Mass National Guard Staging Area. Any ideas on what is on the back of this tractor? (sorry wont tell you exactly where it is ... don't want you guys climbing the fence and grabbing a part or two .. I like the trucks going to GL complete and in once peice :-P )
  10. AnonymousOne

    M35a3 Drag Link separating? (see pictures)

    I was tracking down a steering issue (clunking vibration on steering wheel turning) ... One of the things I found was that the drag link seemed to have an un-usual separation. The before picture is no steering pressure and the drag link is at rest. No white gap. The after picture with the...
  11. AnonymousOne

    Got noticed picking up a pallet of stones

    Got noticed picking up a pallet stones by the owner of Southridge Farm Nursery with my M35a3. He had his employee get the pic up on their company facebook page ;) Feel free to show MV support and "like" their photo :-)
  12. AnonymousOne

    How much would you pay GL for the mars lander?

    20 years from now, How much would you pay GL for the multi-million dollar Mars Lander? I think the GL post will go something like this.... Mars Lander, was working when it left earth, run time about 1000 hours, 3 miles, missing parts, operation unknown. Secret spy system removal required at...
  13. AnonymousOne

    M35a3 3116 missing engine part ?

    My truck runs great but I found this ....Anyone have any idea what I am missing here ? This is on the drivers side of the engine, top, middle. It is a threaded connection with a rubber washer ... connected to nothing. Anyone have an idea of where it should be going too.. and who might have...
  14. AnonymousOne

    CARC health hazards

    CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) is a paint used on military vehicles to make metal surfaces highly resistant to corrosion and penetration of chemical agents. Inhaling CARC during the painting and drying process can be harmful. Dry CARC poses no hazards, except during welding or sanding...
  15. AnonymousOne

    How to install a backup alarm on an M35a3

    So to get an inspection sticker on a commercial truck in MA you need a backup alarm. Honestly if I am going to drive in a parade I want a backup alarm so I don't kill anyone. As my neighbors would kill me every time I do a 5 point turn in my driveway I figured I better also have a secret on...
  16. AnonymousOne

    M35a3 Parking Brake / Emergency Brake State Inspection

    As I have never had a M35a3 before can someone advise me on the parking brake? In MA the state inspection pass / fail on parking brake is. 1. Put the truck in the lowest gear. 2. Put the parking brake on. 3. A pass is if the truck holds when you take the foot off the brake. My m35a3 moves...
  17. AnonymousOne

    How to uncover your original bumper number

    Hi, As your aware, GL paints over the original truck markings on the bumper. Bumper numbers are useful to find out where the truck is from and important for some folks who want to truly keep the original nature of the truck. Here is what my dad showed me to do get the number .. of course you...
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