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  1. Jesse6325

    An XM 816 lives again,,, sorta

    I actually got an XM 816 wrecker running today. Before any says it,Yes pics (video actually) is coming when I get the chance. I started work on her at about 9 AM. Had to fill the engine, transmission, power steering pump, and cooling system before I could even try to fire her. The place the...
  2. Jesse6325

    M 935 no low air buzzer or parking brake light

    I'n trying to solve an electrical problem on a M935 for somebody. So far I have no parking brake light, switch tests good I think, It shows open whith p brake applied and closed with parking brake released, No power to parking brake switch, No power to either low pressure switch either. Just...
  3. Jesse6325

    Oil pressure question

    I have a bit of a question,,, When I first got Big green ugly My oil pressure ran at around 45 lbs cold and backed off to 35 when at operating temp (165 to 180). Now my oil pressure is at 50 cold and 45 at operating temp. I did change the oil and filters about a month after I got the truck, Also...
  4. Jesse6325

    Took the Deuce to work today

    Brought the deuce to work today. (Picking up an awning. 20 ft long.) 50 mile trip one way at 45 MPH. You know, The Deuce may be hot, slow, noisy, and no power steering but I have to admit that the trip into work was both relaxing and enjoyable. What can I cay, I'm wierd.:cookoo: Funny how...
  5. Jesse6325

    Installing new primary filter

    I hope to install a Racor 500 fg primary filter on the deuce this weekend. I have a10 micron element for it and I intend to put it right above the fuel tank. Has anybody else done something like this? Anything I should watch for? I did a thread search and didn't find much.
  6. Jesse6325

    Rod knock

    Ok,, This weekend I changed my oil and installed Jaktona's spin on oil filter kit. Used Rotella 15/40 with one gallon Lucas. Drove the truck a good 400 miles under various load conditions, At least 150 miles at 50 MPH/2200/2300 RPM and now it sounds like I have a knock in #6 cylinder. My oil...
  7. Jesse6325

    Got my first thumbs up yesterday,,,

    So,,,, I took the deuce out yesterday to warm it up in peperation to change the oil, Right before I reach my driveway I meet one of my neighbors coming the other way so I get halfway in the ditch to let him by and as he goes by he gives me a big ear to ear grin and a thumbs up! I know it's not...
  8. Jesse6325

    Things I found when I took the rear suspension apart

    Ok, I thought I'd post some photos of what I found when I was taking apart the rear end to replace the torque rod bushings. The reason I pulled the spring and spring hangar off is it was loose, Did not want to just re install it without taking a good look. So far what I have found are two badly...
  9. Jesse6325

    Bad head gasket or worse?

    I have a question,, Yesterday when I went to check the coolant the radiator had pressure on it from cold. Started it up and it built pressure again but after it warmed up it stopped building pressure. I didn't run it long enough to open the thermostat. No oil in the coolant and no water in the...
  10. Jesse6325

    Another picture question

    How do I post pictures/attachmentst so they run from left to right instead of stack vertically? Trying to keep from using up so much screen real estate when I post pics. Thank you.
  11. Jesse6325

    Correct bumper number format?

    I was just wondering if anyone would know the correct bumper number format for the 169'th engineers batallion for 1969/70 That was when My dad was in Vietam and Okanawa and I was wanting to put the correct numbers on the Deuce before I registered it. He told me that the jeep he drove had 169...
  12. Jesse6325

    Finally got her home,,,

    Finally got the Deuce home last night at around 9PM,,, Started work on it about 4 PM about 50 miles away, Wanted to at least get three new fuel filters in it as well as grease all the U joints and suspension parts. Filter service went great until we discovered that the new seals would not fit...
  13. Jesse6325

    Hello from south Texas

    Hello everyone, Finally decided to join in after lurking for about a month, Doesn't hurt that I finally commited to buy a Deuce yesterday after getting it running then driving it for about 6 miles. One thing I do want to say is THANK YOU FOR THE TM'S! Here she is! (I hope,,,)
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