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    Pickup in Butner NC

    Anyone going to Butner, NC soon and coming close to NW FL? I have two containers and a small maintenance platform to pick up.
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    M915A1 Governor Help

    I recently purchased a civilian model 915 tractor, rare bird I'm told. It has the same 400 Cummins/Allison, and basically everything else that the military version has, with the exception of being 12Volt and paint. It has a governor on it that limits you to around 58 mph that feels like it is in...
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    HMMWV Wiring Diagram Legible

    Anyone have a digital copy of a 998 wiring harness? I can't read most of the numbers on the TM downloads. Email ryancleveland at yahoo dot com if you have one. Thanks.
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    HMMWV Wiring Numbers

    This may have already been addressed, but does anyone know if there is a single table in one of the TM's that shows what each wire number corresponds to on the M998? I am in the process of a 5.9 swap and I want to utilize the stock harness for as much as possible, but the HMMWV I got was...
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    5 Ton 290 Big Cam Swap

    Well, here it goes. I got almost everything i need, with the exception of time, to start my 290 big cam swap. I got this truck with a "Engine will not start" rating from Kansas. Picked her up for a song on GP. Got it home and realized it had main or rod bearing that was a little too tight on...
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    Towing a HEMTT MK-48

    I have a friend who recently purchased several MK-48 HEMTT's. He is going to attempt to drive one with a tractor trailer attachment, then tow a tractor only behind it with a HEMTT pintle towbar (IBIS Tek). Has anyone out there tried to tow a tractor only MK-48 with no attachment trailer? Are...
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    200 AMP Alternator

    I won a few 200 AMP alternators and wiring kits for a HEMTT. Anyone got any experience hooking one of these up on a 5-ton. I can re-build, weld, fabricate anything under the sun but me and wiring don't mesh well. Thanks.
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    MK 48/16 trailer

    I bought an Oshkosh Mk48/16 trailer. I wanted the winch and wheels/tires for a project i am working on. Does anyone out there have any experience with the winch on these things? I am trying to retrofit on an equipment trailer and need to find out about hydraulics. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Radio Equipment in M925

    I recently bought this truck and it had this mounted to the dash. It powers on when. Anyone have any idea what it is and is it useful/valuable? Thanks for the input .
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