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  1. GunnyM1009

    Flat clear over 383?

    Has anyone here used flat clear over there paint job to help protect it and keep it from fading. I've been considering doing it on Gunny when I do the paint job but I don't want it to shine. If anyone has done it some pics would be great.
  2. GunnyM1009

    Refreshing Gunny the thread.

    This photo was taken in 2017, not to long after this the transmission went out on Gunny. Me not having the knowledge or the money to do anything to remedy the situation he got parked till late 2021 when I decided to just try to get him fired up and running again. After pulling glow plugs I put...
  3. GunnyM1009

    My way to flush out M1009 CUCV brake system

    Tools needed are wrenches a hand vacuum pump 5 bottles of 91% rubbing alcohol and a master cylinder bleed kit like this. I started by unhooking the two brake lines from the master cylinder. I used a hand vacuum like this to pull all fluid from the master cylinder. I filled the front and rear...
  4. GunnyM1009

    M1009 Blower Motor Housing

    Anyone know where to get a new blower motor housing at. The metal housing that's in the engine bay. The lower part of mine has rusted out and I'm not finding any on the Google.
  5. GunnyM1009

    Wilson Starters for CUCV?

    Has anyone ever tried one of these. I only found it by doing a bunch of starter part number cross referencing.
  6. GunnyM1009

    Lead Acid Battery Restoration

    Lead Acid Battery Restoration (Experiment) So a couple of years ago I bought a large D8 1000CCA battery for Gunny. This was when I was having alot of Gen2 issues. After about a year of being drained and charged I couldn't get it to hold a charge again. Well I pulled it out and put it on the...
  7. GunnyM1009

    M1009 charging issues

    Alright i've been through what i can find in the TMs and the sticky. Gen 1 I have 12.7v on red wire and 0 on brown key off 12.7 on brown key on and 12.7 on front battery running or not. Gen2 I have 25v on red 14 on brown key off. Same with key on and 12.8 on rear battery. Running or not. Now...
  8. GunnyM1009

    M1009 Printed Circuit Board

    I realize this topic has been touched on many times but in every thread I read it states that there is not an aftermarket pcb that will work on the M1009. Well my pcb is shot which is causing one of my gens not to work and none of my cluster lights. After searching around on good ole google for...
  9. GunnyM1009

    New 85 M1009 24V 6.2L owner starting issues?

    Ok so it was running fine one day then the next I go to turn it over and all I get is fast clicking. My first thought was a bad starter silanoid since I just bought both of the deep cycle batteries. I replaced the starter and I still get the same thing. All the connections seem to be good and...
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