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  1. Lonnie

    NHC-250 Injector Size

    I've looked extensively & cannot find any reliable injector size information for a NHC-250. Does anyone have this info?
  2. Lonnie

    Injector Pump Tuning Question

    If I understand correctly the fuel button controls your fuel pressure, but the fuel screw can change the flow/pressure also... I was trying to follow the circuits, but detailed really info is hard to come by. Am i understanding it correctly that the screw in the throttle shaft can allow more...
  3. Lonnie

    M818 Turbo Addition

    I've been doing some mods over the past few months. It started with a radiator swap, that grew into a new water pump, belts & hoses..... and before long, a turbo, new exhaust & eventually Jakes. I got a turbo & manifold with the truck, so I thought it would be easy. It turns out the seals...
  4. Lonnie

    Help with knocking sound

    My truck has been sitting for for over a year. I started building a new garage a while ago so the truck got ignored, but at least it got heated indoor storage. This spring, I started back on the truck.... it needed a radiator, so while apart, I put in a new water pump, all belts hoses etc...
  5. Lonnie

    M818 Rebuild w/ Deuce Bed

    I have been reading up on here for about a year since I bought my M818 last year. It is in pretty good shape, plus it already had 16.00's & a bunch of spare parts (including turbo & manifold). After some pressure washing & cleaning....
  6. Lonnie

    Silicone sealer between HEMTT wheel halves

    Just ran into an issue where a previous owner put silicone sealer between the rim halves. I had the misfortune of trying to get them apart this weekend. After pulling & prying with no luck, I removed all the studs to allow less interference. Still they were not coming apart. I then tried to...
  7. Lonnie

    Beadlocks for 16.00's

    Are the bead locks interchangeable for 14.00's & 16.00's on HEMTT or MRAP wheels? I can get the bead locks from 14.00's on MRAP wheels, & would like to use them on HEMMT wheels with 16.00's. Does anyone have the width dimensions for the Bead locks?
  8. Lonnie

    Bed to tire clearance with 16.00's

    Putting a Deuce bed on my M818. Will additional spacing be required between the bed & frame to keep the tires from hitting the floor? If so, what are you guys using?
  9. Lonnie

    Oil Consumption Question

    What is a typical amount of oil consumption with the NHC250 engine? Just trying to figure how many miles per quart to expect in normal usage. Your experiences are appreciated.
  10. Lonnie

    Pictures wanted of the inside of a Deuce bed

    Does anyone have pictures of the inside of their Deuce bed? Interested in the Camo pattern if you painted it this way. Looked at the bulletins, but would like to see a few color pictures. I have a freshly sand blasted bed & getting ready to paint. Epoxy primer will be sprayed tomorrow. Trying...
  11. Lonnie

    Deuce bed color question (bottom side)

    What is the proper color for the underneath of an Deuce bed? I have beed searching for an accurate answer with little luck. Looked through about 50 pages of posts but nothing definite that I could find. I am trying to make it look somewhat correct. Color will be the 383 camo. I have only seen...
  12. Lonnie

    Car ("Truck") covers for a 5 ton

    Started looking for a "car" cover for my truck since it will not fit in my garage. Has anyone found a good way to cover their vehicle to protect it from the elements? I looked at some tarps & most are cheap junk that may not last the winter or $1000 for something quality that is big enough to...
  13. Lonnie

    Humorous drain plug sizing

    Has anyone noticed how the radiator drain is so small? It takes forever to drain 8 gallons of coolant out of a 1/4" hole. Pulling the lower hose did not look like a fun adventure... Took me all day to flush the system a few times to get it clean, even while using the second drain plug on the...
  14. Lonnie

    Stuck throttle

    Had a little excitement today. Took the truck for a ride & noticed when I went to shift, the rpm hung as I pushed the clutch in. Thought it was odd, but rolled into the next gear & it did the same. Figured I better turn around & go back home. As I pulled onto a side road to turn around I saw...
  15. Lonnie

    16.00 tire life

    Does anyone have an idea how many miles a 16.00 is good for? I did not know how long these last. Primary road use unloaded... Thanks in advance.
  16. Lonnie

    New member & new 5 ton owner

    Been lurking here for about 2 weeks reading everything I could find... Bought my first M818 today & now getting familiar with my new toy. Got it from another site member. Thinking about adding a Deuce bed to create some hauling ability. Hope to have some good pictures in a few days.
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