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  1. REO 54

    New mad max rig?

    Australian military testing new special forces fighting machineMad Max could use one of these. Australian special forces are testing the latest machine from British military contractor Supacat. The REDFIN 1B is a custom version of the company’s High Mobility Transporter (HMT) Extenda that’s...
  2. REO 54

    New parking brake shoes

    I need to install fresh shoes asap for my deuce P brake.My TM only show views of them but to proceedure on a change out.Previous threads don't show what I need to know.Any help out there would be greatly appreciated! Umm..I don't know where this font came from??I just showed up!Wacky 'puters!
  3. REO 54

    No Govliquidation site?

    I noticed after the "Site" has been serviced and updated that there is no longer a Govliquidation add/link or Eastern Surplus either.Are they gone for good?The link to Gov site was certainly convienent.
  4. REO 54


    Can't wait for one of these to show up at GL! Armored Sidewinder - Pictures - Armored cars
  5. REO 54

    41' 6x6

    A"new"deuce comes to the Islands.Original with singles.The rack and A frame were added as it was involved building new transmission lines after the war.It carried the crane components along the power line trail.The owner call his deuce"Hogans Heros"Enjoy.
  6. REO 54

    brakes fluid

    How I know what brake fluid I have originally in my Deuce?I dont want to contaminate Dot 3 with a Dot 5.I have a 81' AmGen mulitfuler M35A2.Any ideas?
  7. REO 54


    Heads Up!A formerly good source for trucks and parts is having to shut down here in the PNW.He still has lots of stuff that has to go from running complete 5 ton's to early Deuces.and NOS.Many trucks and parts have been:sad: cut and gone to the scrapper because he's under the gun from the local...
  8. REO 54


    Any rallys planed in the North West region? Thanks REO 54
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