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  1. 6x6TRex

    M200A1 Tire Size

    Saw a couple of these Schutt Industries M200A1s on a popular auction site, anyone know what size/brand tire they have on them? G177s possibly?
  2. 6x6TRex

    Kansas City to Flint, MI in a M109

    On my way to Kansas City to pick up a M109 and driving it home tomorrow. Going to be a fun trip! I'll try to post some pictures durning my drive home.
  3. 6x6TRex

    Lifted Deuce NO NO!

    Spotted this lifted bobber jem on a popular auction site. Anyone notice the front axle u bolts? And what NOT to do to lengthen them!
  4. 6x6TRex

    Saving Deuce and 5 ton parts from going to China!

    Trying to save some Deuce and 5 ton parts from going to the scrapyard. A guy local to me is currently scraping out a couple trucks. What he has left is: 3 Deuce softtop cabs, canvas is shot, bows looked ok 3 Deuce beds with troop seats, 1 has cargo cover M814 Hardtop Cab, bed, and fenders 2...
  5. 6x6TRex

    5KW Mep-016C!

    Spotted this gem on craigslist today! military propane or gasoline genrator 5kw - $300 i have a 4 cylinder military gasoline or propane generator was used for back up has a whole 10hrs on it like brand new 5+kw you can hard wire this into your home or business Does anyone have the tm...
  6. 6x6TRex

    Priming 4a032 oil pump

    Anyone know how to prime the oil pump on a 4a032? Got my Mep-016C back together today after installing a new cam, oil pump, and fuel pump. Got it running and ran it for ~2 min but am not getting any oil pressure! I had pulled the oil pan and cleaned the screen and oil passage in the pan and...
  7. 6x6TRex

    Saturn Surplus

    Would like to give a huge A++++ to Saturn Surplus! Bought a starter solenoid for my Mep-016C on 3-12, turned out I have the odd starter that you can't get a solenoid for, called them and they said no problem on returning it. Shipped it back on 3-21, called on Thursday 4-5 cause I needed a fuel...
  8. 6x6TRex

    4a032 Starter Solenoid

    Hey everyone! I have a 24V Teledyne starter for my Mep-016C that needs a new solenoid. I ordered the one from Saturn but its the wrong one. Anyone know where to get the correct solenoid? The numbers on the starter are: NSN 2920 00-882-3401 MSL-S-3785 2A042-0001 MS-53013-1
  9. 6x6TRex

    4a032 Oil Pump

    Why you should always have a oil pressure gauge on your 4a032! Installed an oil pressure gauge into the slave plug bracket after reading about oil problems with the 4a032. Never got any pressure to show on the gauge. Removed the governor oil line, no oil, removed oil filter, still no oil...
  10. 6x6TRex

    Mep-016C No Output

    Hey everyone! I got my Mep-016C together last night and am getting no output from it. Anyone know how to test the VR? I have the TMs but got confused on how to test it. :confused: Engine runs great, just a little smoke at startup/shutdown.
  11. 6x6TRex

    Mep-016 and 4A032 Questions

    Hey everyone! I just picked up a Mep-016 from Paul (Armada) and am trying to install my 4A032 engine onto it. Am I missing a plate or something or do I have the incorrect flywheel? The 4A032 was manufactured by Chrysler in 4-76 and model # is 4A032-II.
  12. 6x6TRex

    M200A1 lunette nut size?

    Hey everyone! I'm going this weekend to go look at a M200A1 trailer. Its in good shape but is missing the nut that holds the lunette on. Does anyone know what size it is? Is it the same 1 1/8" by 16 TPI as the M105?
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