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  1. patracy

    Patracy's deuce refresh and upgrade

    I think the plan will be this. First I'm going to weld up the mounts for the steering assist cylinder. Once that's on, I can still drive the truck even if it's not plumbed up. The next task will be mounting the steering servo. Again, another task that once done, can be driven without being...
  2. patracy

    Not receiving any notifications

    I see nothing wrong with your account. I've sent a test email from the server to your gmail account as well. I see no errors in the log for the email so it was sent successfully. Please check your email to see if you got that email. Tapatalk isn't controlled by the steel soliders server...
  3. patracy

    Fuel Injection Pump Slow Drip -- Anything to Try Before Removing the Pump?

    Yeah, unfortunately it needs to be rebuilt. You can try stop gaps like adding some oil to the fuel to thicken it up. But there's nothing that will fix a dried up/leaking seal.
  4. patracy

    time for a new starter. need some advice please.

    I'm not sure if the starter bracket is available. I know there's two starters and two styles of braces/brackets. I know one the the brackets can still be had. The other however can't. But they're rather simple in nature. You can easily make one from a small piece of angle iron and a drill...
  5. patracy

    M35A2 on "Diesel Creek" YouTube

    I replied with some pointers. I doubt it'll be read though.
  6. patracy

    Patracy's deuce refresh and upgrade

    The candy smasher made it back to the shop today. So now the fun of building power steering, upgrading the brakes, and stuff I want to upgrade/address begins! Man look at that paintwork @Spot_ll did.
  7. patracy

    Remote start

    Oh yeah, another point no one has mentioned. Neutral. The 5 speed trucks certainly don't have a neutral indicator. Nor is there any sort of easy way to make that happen. The autos wouldn't be as hard though.
  8. patracy

    Remote start

    The controller damage itself if shutdown isn't achieved. I very much don't want a engine running without some means of shutdown in the event there's no/low oil pressure. The only audible indicator would be when it's already too late.
  9. patracy

    GA 5 ton lockers

  10. patracy

    Remote start

    I wouldn't see that happening. But again, if you start the truck and it has no oil pressure, it's going to keep on running. Until it doesn't run....
  11. patracy

    Remote start

    Most controllers have a shut down function as well to time out or in the event there's no oil pressure.
  12. patracy

    Remote start

    On the older multifuels, deuces, maybe a few of the 809 series trucks (I can't remember) they use a physical pull lever to stop the engine. You can cut power on them and the engine will continue to run.
  13. patracy

    Remote start

    Older trucks have a pull stop lever.
  14. patracy

    Remote start

    There are 24v remote start kits out there. The problem on the older trucks would be the engine stop.
  15. patracy

    Saracen or ferret lockout hubs

    Ok? Not sure how that even relates to the question.
  16. patracy

    GA 5 ton lockers

    $1500 shipped.
  17. patracy

    Differential options

    The HMMWV uses torsen diffs. While they're not as good as a locker, they're way better than a open diff or a limited slip diff. You can use the brakes to modulate the diffs when they start spinning to apply power to the wheels that still have grip. Outside of that, there's the auburn gear...
  18. patracy

    M939 P2P Program On SS

    The first URL to the TMs we host here has the software still. I just downloaded it and ran it here on a windows 10 machine without any issue.
  19. patracy

    Saracen or ferret lockout hubs

    Also, at least for the ferret, it's a bad idea to run on just 2 hubs/bevel boxes. People have pulled the shafts and later regretted it when they blew a bevel box or planetary.
  20. patracy

    MV of the Month November 2022

    Poll is up:
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