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    Mule Mechanic

    Ya, he was a pretty good guy.He would help you out in any problem you had.
  2. J

    Balancing Tires - What About This?

    I used a bubble balancer
  3. J

    Were the M151s and the M151A1s in anyway better than the M151A2s?

    The difference between the M151 and the M151A1 is the A1 had blinkers
  4. J

    budd tag

    Where do I find a Budd tag for mM151?Or the material it is made of?
  5. J

    Brake bleed advice

    I found sometimes the rubber hose that fit over the air bleed nipple will leak air, so make sure it fits tight
  6. J

    Buyer beware, Austin Mn

    I'd pour some kroil on it, let it set a few days, I've heard brake fluid will work, it will take time, PB blaster is supposed be good stuff
  7. J

    What am I looking at?

    I think it is a dukw boat from WW2.
  8. J

    Picked up an M151, and need help finding a part

    Tnj murray?
  9. J

    Resurrecting Oily Brake Shoes

    I thought spraying brake cleaner/wiping off/blowing of the shoes would do a good job.Makes me wonder if it would work on a clutch disk?
  10. J

    Using M151A2 fuel pickup tube on 151A1 fuel tank

    Ya, can't find the gasket anywhere
  11. J

    m151a1 clutch

    I thought it 1.5" free play, approximately
  12. J

    M151A1 steering column removal

    I'd remove the steering wheel too
  13. J

    M151A2 Not rolling after sitting???

    Try filling it with Marvel Mystery oil, let it set a while
  14. J

    M151A2 Not rolling after sitting???

    I'd ask the internet the question as you stated,
  15. J

    M151A2 Not rolling after sitting???

    Is there gear oil in it?I'd take the top off to look inside
  16. J


  17. J


    Yes, thanks for the feedback
  18. J


    I was wondering what parts would fit/work on the M151s?I suppose the dash components --light switch, dash gauges, steering wheel?
  19. J

    Trailer ID Info

    trailer Reminds me of a pole trailer(hauling wood power poles/powerlines)
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