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    M38 engine pan

    When working on my 1952 m38 willys 4-134 L engine, I tried to remove the skid plate from under the oil pan but it appears it is attached to the pan. I that accurate? I was going to remove it so I could clean the engine. Thank you honk1e
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    Engine difference

    Hello knowledgeable Jeepsters. New guy here Three questions for now. What is the difference between a 4-134 L and 4-134 K engine? Also, on the intake crossover tube there is a connection from the tube to the oil fill tube. There is a shutoff between them that appears to have had a pull cable...
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    M38 engine ?

    New guy here. I just got a 1952 M38 jeep. How can I tell or where should I look to find out what engine is in it. I was told by the seller that it was a L134. Just want to verify that before I order any parts for it.
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