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    Wanted: Air Assist Steering M35a2/a3

    Wanted, air assist steering for M35a2.
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    Towing 30k lbs?

    Was looking if anyone is towing around their equipment with Deuces? I have a 28k lbs excavator and just checking on mostly flat ground around town if the deuce LDT engine can handle this or not?
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    WTB: M35a2 LED brake and turn lights

    WTB: M35a2 LED brake and turn lights. Red and amber colors.
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    Single Circuit Brake - Safety Valves?

    SS - In another posting i was pondering a theory that seems very probabaly. Hot roders and custom car builders use proportional valves for their brake systems to add a safety factor. so has anyone checked into simple adding an inline proportional value on each side of the tee 30? Or even put...
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    M35a2 Steering Hydraulic Assist kit - Boyce kit?

    SS - Has any installed the Boyce Steering Hydraulic assist kit for the M35a2? Was looking for feedback,pics and any videos of actually how much assist does it give. I also emailed Boyce, but no reply yet; but also want real world feedback. Thanks
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    Battery help w/ dump bed hydraulic pump, big sparks

    SS - New to site. Just installed a 24v dump bed kit on the M35a2. During install had hydraulic pump straight to batteries for testing with truck cables disconnected. After testing connected truck cables and hydraulic cables. When placing negative on, the biggest spark and small melt of terminal...
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    New from South Carolina

    Hi SS, new owner from South Carolina, near Savannah, Ga area. 1971 M35a2 Any owners or shops near this area for meetups and support?
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