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    Duramax engine swap

    Check Tinman products and performance for mounts- Summit Racing has them
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    Cooling upgrade system.

    Cleared it
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    Problems already with ORD

    I have purchased a few lift parts from ORD. My experience great products, but lacking in some areas of customer service. I choose to spend my money with other vendors after it took 21 days to get my brake lines.
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    M1028 Small Lift Build

    m1008 I like your 2" lift. ORD has great products, but I think they lack in customer service.
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    Diy rock sliders

    1009 sliders The sliders look great. Now that they are mounted, are you happy with how sturdy they are? You mentioned earlier you may want to tie them into the body mounts.
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    Diy rock sliders

    When are you making a set for the 1009? Need to see some pictures.
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately? - Part 1

    I just drove 3 hours to pick up a new tailgate for my 1009. It is a brand new factory GM gate (still had the gm sticker) for a great price. Truck was hit at one time dead center in the rear. Still need the bracket that the pintal/trailer plug mounts to complete the repair.
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    1009 lift

    I want to lift my 1009 and run 35" tires. One of the members on here sent me pics of his recent lift (very nice truck) and he used Tuff Country 2" HD springs in the front, but used 3" springs in the rear with a 1" block in the rear to get it level. The member on the forum thought he would...
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    seatbelt sleeve m1009

    I just did a quick search with LMC. I did not see a replacement sleeve.
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    seatbelt sleeve m1009

    My seat belt sleeves are craked and the belt end is on the floor. What are the replacement options or ideas?
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    Tuff Country lift

    I only want to run 33" tires and think it looks good with a 2" lift. My 1009 does not need low gearing help.
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    Tuff Country lift

    I want to put a 2" lift on my 1009. Looks like the Tuff County lifts are liked on the forum. Do I need to get the HD ride or the EZ ride? My 1009 is street driven 95% of the time. Thanks for any info.
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