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    M51 dump truck manufacturer question

    Hi this old dump truck I bought couple years ago was titled as make - Continental, which is the engine now make . Lol guess that was the only think legible on truck besides stamped vin . Is there any other way to tell who is manufacturer?
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    M35a3 CTIS questions

    So I got this truck and it had been sitting up for few years . Lots of dirt dobber nests all over it and everywhere . lol anyway some tires were flat. Started removing one by one and replacing orings . Prior to this I got CTIS to somewhat operate once . I heard it going thru system check of...
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    Newer model 5 ton dump truck can it be towed

    Looking at a newer model 5 ton with with automatic trans . I’m not familiar with these . Is transfer case separate like older ones ? Can this truck be towed without hurting trans if transfer case is in neutral ?
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    M51 air cleaner setup to m35 ?

    Hi . Has anyone swapped over the air intake system from the old M51 trucks to the later m35 setup mounted to firewall under hood ? Is there any reason not to ?
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    M51 wheel stud sizes ?

    My truck has had wheel replaced with around style rims . I’m trying to figure out the wheel stub sizes and thread pitch . And is front studs same size as rear ? I know we have left hand and right hand threads correct ?
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    M51 - 24 volt charging route

    So not getting charging at batteries. I have 27.58 at post on back of generator . So tracing wire it goes into harness and looks like maybe into a silver box on for wall ? Looks like the smaller wire from 24 side of batteries might go into that box as well ? Hard to tell they all wrapped up in...
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    M51 5 ton keep getting black oily moisture out air tank

    Guess title says it all . This old truck had been sitting for few months but previous owner was using it some . Don’t think he ever drained the petcock on bottom of tank just one they rigged up on front side which is mid way . So I keep draining and draining and keep getting back oily moisture...
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    Differences between 2.5 and 5 ton sheetmetal ?

    So cab and doors are same . Wonder why fenders and front sheetmetal different ? Is frame longer in front ? Are the multi fuel engines and radiators same ?
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    M51 5 ton pto case

    So I few days ago searching the Internet I am pretty sure one a site I saw a vendor with some bare pto cases for sale . Did not think much of it at the time but now digging into this old rusty truck I have the leak by pto I believe is crack in case . . Has anyone seen a vendor with bare case for...
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    Bren tracked carrier from Michigan to south Louisiana

    Title says the just of it . Basket case carrier but rolls and should be running in week or two
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    Louisiana - State Flagging Existing Titles, and Registering New Vehicles as Off-Road

    So we thought they were just after humvees but now they going after every military vehicle . Demanding nhtsa decals to be shown or no more road use . They don’t care if we have official documents stating military vehicles meet or exceed federal standards , that nhtsa decals were only required on...
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    Humvee rear differential shims and parts needed

    I've heard bunch of times this is a model 20 basically rear diff . But also have found some listings for 1999-up h1 diff parts ? I want a ring gear shim kit so I can tighten up so slope and also bearings and seals . I've tried few vendors for the military part number shim kit and no luck . Can...
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    Is red river parts place out of business in Texas

    Their website is down . No reply email from few days ago with old address I used to use . Will try and call tomorrow
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    What vendor did I buy bulk canvas from ?

    I bought some bulk green canvas from a vendor last year and need to get some more . Recovering my humvee seats
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    Axle ratio determination?

    I've crawled around and searched but can't find any tag with ratio on either diff . I found casting numbers and some stamped numbers on housing . Besides removing diff cover and counting teeth and math is any other way to tell ?
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    Finally got my m998!

    Finally got euc approved and picked up Thursday ! Very happy with it . Very. Nice truck and brand nEw tires . All fluids so far fresh and clean . Engine oil black as usual . Changed that . All steering parts are new . Checking portal hubs today and has a clunk in rear so gotta hunt for that to...
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    tax refunds from gov planet

    Has anyone got the taxs refunded once they got their trucks titled? I bought in same state I live and will have to pay taxs again. gov planet said send copy of receipts were I had to pay taxs again and will be refunded.
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    Lockers for humvee ??

    Has anyone found posi traction units or lockers for the military Humvee's ?
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    1941 halftrack on Craigslist

    This is not my item and I HOPE I don't get slammed for mentioning this but I ran across a nice looking half track in my area for sale on New Orleans Craigslist half track . The area of poncatoula where it is located did not flood years ago . $18,000 is the price . Good luck guys thought one of...
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    scored me a humvee at auction

    well I sold my gamma goat for way less than I wanted, but was enough to buy a Humvee so that's all I wanted. Now the waiting game for euc approval. has anyone went with bill of sale only? Guess it says off road use only also?
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