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    What am I looking at?

    Found this up the street, asking $3500. One, what is it? Two: is it worth the $3500? I’m pretty knowledgeable on the 5 tons but pretty clueless on these smaller vehicles, but looking for a project that can fit in the garage... ha ha
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    What am I looking at? AMPHIBIAN based on M274A1 Mule

    Found this just up the street, just pulled out of the barn a couple weeks ago. Mule tags but I can’t find anything else like it. They’re asking $3500 what do you guys think???
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    oil pressure after turbo

    Just got my turbo on and everything is running now, to those who have put a turbo on a nhc 250 what oil pressure should i be having at idle and while driving? cold i had about 60 and driving it came up to about 80 psi. is that high? no fuel mods yet and pictures are coming but its dark now i...
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    Add a turbo or get the 6cta 8.3l

    I don't haul much, I don't tow I just like to drive around but I want more power. Should I add a turbo to my 925a1 nhc 250 Or should I go for broke and buy a takeout 8.3 and do some pump mods on the p7100 pump? I can't decide, the more I read the more uncertain I am. I know the issues I could...
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    Utilizing M925 stock hydraulics

    Has anyone put a valve in to use the stock pto for another purpose? I plan to use the pto for a dump hoist but want to still use the winch. I do not want an electric kit if at all possible.
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    Winch filter

    As I was servicing my '83 m925 A1 I noticed the filter mounded along the line for the winch. I was not sure of the fluid because the line seemed to run right in the side of the tranny. So my question is, what's the parts number to the filter and what fluid is in the winch, is it the same as the...
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    Bought everything for service

    I bought my truck back in June and haven't had an opportunity to do a service yet I finally have all filters and all fluids and then some! Filters: coolant, transmission, fuel, oil, air. I'm also replacing all the fluid in the transfer case and axles as well as transmission and oil.
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    leaking throttle lock assembly over fuel pump

    I have an '83 m925A1 My throttle lock assembly is leaking substantially over the fuel pump. Its really only happening under pressure. Is there a gasket set i can get to fix it or can i get that individual part assembled or rebuilt anywhere?
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    M925 dump conversion using stock pto

    I know there are similar threads about 923's but has anyone converted a M925 bed to a dump bed utilizing the existing hydraulic pto unit for the 20k winch?
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    Newly purchased m925

    Just Purchased my first MV! second hand from GL, purchased from a man who has cancer and is selling off some of his trucks. I purchased a '83 M925 in flawless condition with 50k miles for 6k. this truck hasnt been run in who knows how long, it runs though. I was wondering if theres any...
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