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    CUCV 6.2 swap into K20, should I keep it 24 Volts?

    I bought my first CUCV back in 2009, right around the same time I blew up the motor in my Civy k20. I have owned 17 CUCV's since then, while the k20 has sat inside untouched (with a blown motor). I currently own 8 CUCV's (a clean M1028 and M1009) the rest are typical rusty New England parts...
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    Fitting the engine harness plug through the firewall.

    I'm in the process of stripping a rusty M1008 for parts. I have all of the plugs on the underdash wiring harness unplugged. I can't get the plug that connects to the engine wiring harness to fit through the firewall. I pushed the grommet into the cab, the plug just seems to big for the...
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    I made a cover for my Doghead relay mod.

    I made a cover for the Doghead relay mod that I did to my 84 M1028 today. I got a 2" round schedule 40 PVC cap at the hardware store for $1.49. I trimmed a piece of the cap off with a Dremel to make room for the wires. I mounted the relay using 1/4" x 2" bolts. The cap fits nice and snug...
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    Anyone from Mass just buy this HMMWV?

    I spotted this on Route 495 near the Mass Pike. It was hauled by a truck with Pennsylvania plates. Anyone just buy it from Iron Planet?
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    Tough Country 2" HD front springs to level my M1028?

    I'm thinking of installing a set of Tough Country 2" HD front springs (pn # 18217) to level my M1028. I'm just looking to get rid of the rake that these trucks seem to have. I searched through most of the lift kit post I found, but most of them were about bigger lifts to clear 37" tires. Im...
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    Will a 4" front sping level out a M1028?

    Thinking of trying a rancho 4" lift kit spring in the front of my M1028 to try to level it out (not going to install the 4" block in the rear). I figure that the back of this truck sits about 2" higher than the front. With any luck the 6.2 will compress the spring down a few inches and and make...
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    Directionals work with key off.

    I was out in the garage checking out my M1028 that I got last week and I noticed that the directionals work without the key in the on position. Checked my other M1028 and it does the same thing. Is this normal? If so what was the reason behind it?
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    Got my second M1028 from GSA today

    Since buying my first M1028 a few months ago I'm starting to get hooked on them. I picked up my second 1 today at a GSA auction. It's a real solid truck showing 15K on it. Ran great on the way home but I did notice the "wait to start light" does not come on. It starts fine (it was 50 degrees out...
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    Anyone own a high mileage cucv?

    Although i'm new to this site it seems like allot of members have just aquired there current cucv. I've also noticed that most of the seem to have low miles. Most of the M1008's and M1028's seem to have 30K-50K on them when purchesed while many of the M1009's are up to about 90K on them. Do any...
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    New M1028 owner with 208 question

    I've owned a bunch of 73-87 chevys but my M1028 is my first cucv. Just wondered why GM installed a 208 transfer case instead of a 205. I've owned a few 1 tons and they all has 205's in them. Were the 208's used to save weight incase they had to be replaced in the field?. I also noticed that it...
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    New M1028 owner from Mass

    Hello everone, My name is Fitz, I picked up an M1028 a few days ago. It was just released from Government service on 11/24/09. It's an 1984 with 47K on it I've been playing around with 73-87 chevys for 20 years but this is my first Military truck. I found your site while serching around for info...
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    testing pics

    New member just testing pics
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