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    TM's for REO 331 engine

    I've been looking for the TM's that are required for the rebuilding of the REO engine but cant find them. I believe they are TM9-1819A. Can some one help out with at least TQ specs for the mains and cons?
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    Engine and sheetmetal pieces from GA to Wy.

    I am looking for transportation for a complete engine, fenders, fuel tank and radiator from Georgia to Wyoming. There is equipment and help to load and unload. Not looking for freebie's and willing to pay cash or favors!! ;) 307-220-4916 Thanks
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    What was I thinking?!?!?

    Well, I bought a the remains of one. I was told it was 1957 and it ran and drove. Well went down one state line and two mountain passes to pick her up. Yikes 1952, RIO 331 OA-331 straight six under the hood. Well holy smokes, she fired up and drove onto the trailer, but i'm not sure...
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