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    Aluminum wheels

    Does anyone know a manufacturer of aluminum wheel for the duece,and if so a super single on all 4 for a bobber?
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    11.00×20 tires on MRAP wheels?

    Can I put 1100x20 tires on mrap wheels?
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    Recently got a g506 Chevy 1942,but I can't find much info on it on this site,I don't know how to search,can someone please help.
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    Heating problem

    Anybody have any ideas on why one cylinder head gets much hotter than the other?
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    Pinion brakes

    I'm putting pinion brakes on a bobbed deuce, can someone tell me how good this system is?
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    I am trying to lighten the MM by replacing the leaf springs with fiberglass ones,does anybody have any ideas or suggestions on this?I was going to try coil overs,but it would require modification of the mounts and I don't want to permanently modify. I have the mite under 1500 lbs now and it...
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    Mity mite oil leak

    Can anybody advice on easy fix for push rod leak,and the fan is blowing it through the fins onto the exhaust.It's a new rebuilt motor and I don't want to take it apart.Thank you if you can help.
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    Broke axle

    Broke an axel ,had to drive it home in front drive about 3 question is how do I get the iner part out?I have an ARB air locker on that diff.Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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    torque specs for 465a1

    can anyone give me the torque specs for the head, rods and mains on a 465a1. Thanks for any help.
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    help on pyro,boost and steering.

    I put a pyro and a boost guage on my duece recently and would like to know what max is for both.Also have problem when im running 1400-20 tires of wandering and over steer,ok on 1100-20 tires,please help.
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    Over heating on deuce

    Has any one tried replacing thermostat with large washer with a hole in center?
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