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  1. nattieleather

    M151 GRC/19 Radio installation

    This may be a case of you're going to have to do some fabricating on your own to make the whole thing work. Since I don't think there was ever an official kit to install into the an M151, it would have been as a said above a unit level thing and the GIs would have had to make their own "kit"...
  2. nattieleather

    M151 GRC/19 Radio installation

    I never put the whole GRC 19 into my mutt when I had it, but I did at one time hare the PCR-25/77 with Am mounted on the passenger's side rear fender and the R-392 mounted on the driver's side rear fender. I love the R-392 great SW radio. I had the R-392 hooked up to an AB-15 antenna mounted...
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