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    Here are the M1008 spring bushing numbers!

    I just replaced front and rear spring bushings, and I am listing the correct poly bushing numbers. The correct Energy Suspension kit for the front spring bushings is 3.2105 This kit will do both sides of the front suspension. The rear suspension has three different size bushings per rear spring...
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    Rear Energy Suspension bushing # ?

    Does anyone know the correct Energy Suspension rear polyurethane bushing number replacement kit for a M1008?
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    problems with removing front body mount on my M1008

    I removed the bolts on the two rear and the two middle body mounts on my M1008 but the two on the front have a threaded rod with a nut on it that just spins when I try to remove it. What is the procedure for the front mounts? I am replacing the front and rear shackle bushings with Energy...
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    Vacuum pump issues

    I checked the vacuum on the pump at the 3/8" fitting and it holds at a steady 26. At the small line going from the pump to the vacuum switch it flucuates rapidly from 18-14. Coming out of the vacuum modulator to the tranny is a steady 11. The truck is a 1986 M1008 shifts at 15 and 35. Any help...
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    NOS 6.2 cylinder heads these heads are available from Eastern Surplus and Equipment Company. I would appreciate any comments about these heads for use on my 1986 M1008.
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