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    M939 Battery Relocation Kit Source?

    Anyone know where to get an M939 battery relocation kit, new or used? Thank you.
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    Posting pictures and looking at thumbnails?

    Hi everyone. How do I post pictures to a thread and how do I look at attached thumbnails? I tap on the attached thumbnail and nothing happens. I dont see any tab to attach pictures. I tried searching for how to use this site and nothing comes up. Thank you in advance.
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    M945 Bridge Truck Suspension Questions.

    I want to run 1600R20 tires on an M925A2. I want to be able to run tire chains and want more clearance between the front and rear tandem axle tires. I was looking at running M945 length torque rods and leaf springs but I'm a little confused. The M945 torque rods look like they are 25...
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    M939 Series Arctic Personnel Heater Installation Questions

    I have an M35 Arctic heater kit to install in an M925A2. Does anyone have the directions for installing a arctic heater kit into an M939 cab? What modifications are needing to be done to install this kit into an M939 truck cab? Are any additional parts needed and if so where would I get them?
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    Detroit Locker Install Into M939 series 5ton

    Is anyone aware of a link to a write up or video of installing Detroit lockers into a M939 series 5ton? I'm planning on doing this myself and wanted to study up on what is involved first. Thanks..
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