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    I have a 4l80e transmission from a HMMWV if interested. Will send you a PM
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    Headlight upgrade on the cheap

    I would happily support them if the price difference wasn't so huge. A single 4x6 trucklite is $150+, that'd be $600+ in headlights for a truck that gets driven twice a year. The Chinese ones are $75 shipped for 4. That why I made these brackets, to avoid having to spend ~$300 on the...
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    Headlight upgrade on the cheap

    Finally got around to finishing them up yesterday. Just two would be more than sufficient, but 4 sure does give a cool look. WAY brighter than stock of course.
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    MTVR towing capacities

    I have the doors listed on ebay, I would discount a little if purchased direct from me. Yes, they are expensive. I have three pairs of doors left that I don't currently have trucks to put them on, I will likely sell only 1 set in case I buy another MTVR or two. Basically ALL the trucks are...
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    GP MTVR cab parts

    Just think what it would be worth if it had doors and a roof! I can't imagine buying a $50k WORK truck I couldn't drive unless the weather was nice...
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    FMTV Highway Speed

    I am not factoring strength into the mix at all. I am just saying changing the hubs to 1:1 is stupid because of the gear ratio. It would DOUBLE the speed in every year, which would likely burn out the transmission in a hurry. Plus, why does anyone need an LMTV that will run 116? It's a great...
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    FMTV Highway Speed

    I won't say it's impossible, but changing the ratio THAT much would not be a good thing. At 2:1 the overall ratio is 6.xx-7.xx something, I don't remember exactly. 1:1 it would be 3.90. you would not have any low end power, and nobody needs a LMTV that will run 120mph or whatever it figures...
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    NC Insurance for a M936A2 for personal use

    Farm bureau is who I use.
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    Headlight upgrade on the cheap

    I made the brackets. Converted from the single to the duals.
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    Headlight upgrade on the cheap

    These are the ones I got off eBay. $67 shipped+ tax for 4. I wired the DRL (which also makes the center eye red) in with the low beams. Saves from running a separate wire all the way to the headlights just to make them function. The red doesn't seem too noticeable honestly, but I haven't...
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    Headlight upgrade on the cheap

    No clue on the brand of the lights. Just found some cheapo 4x6's on ebay. Tons of styles to choose from.
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    Turret cover

    No. Not similar at all. Just envision a metal trash can lid, about that size/design.
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    Headlight upgrade on the cheap

    These were around $70 shipped/taxed for 4 on eBay.
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    Headlight upgrade on the cheap

    Looks like a success to me! Still have to cut brackets for the other side and finish wiring them up. Never drive my truck, but I guess now the headlights will be bright for it to sit here in the driveway.
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    Turret cover

    Just get a fab shop to make one. I think it's about a 30" circle with a 3/4" lip welded on. You can make the brackets to hold it on.
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    Moving nonrunners?

    You don't have to remove the shafts to roll one. Just be sure whatever you are moving it with can stop it assuming you won't be on perfectly flat ground.
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    Possible trailer spot Albany GA to W-S NC or in between

    Having some HMMWV'S picked up when the EUC'S clear. As of right now I will have one spot on a trailer empty, large enough for a HMMWV, trailer, etc. Price would be at least $500 but I don't know the exact price at the moment. It is a fellow military enthusiast that drives a truck that will...
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    TIM Module is not present or malfunctioned

    Welcome to the wonderful world known as Cat ECM's. One minute they work, next they don't....
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    Would you pull 5 ton with this setup??

    I pulled a m920 with a m1009 once. Only had to move it about 1/4 mile, and we had someone in the m920 and an air compressor so he had brakes. We passed a state trooper, surprisingly he didn't do anything. The m920 pushed the m1009 all over the place, I would have been better off putting the...
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