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    M925 a1 armored crew cab

    In most states if not all these trucks require a CDL, not just because of GVW but also because they are full air brake. I have a feeling he will notice the weight difference but its probably far from the GVWR of the truck. The truck is probably still way less weight than a wrecker.
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    M939 Winch operation

    My M925A2 is a 2012 Red River rebuild or maybe paint job, lol. It has 300 miles on it since the rebuild. The winch cable is wound backwards and the hydraulic lines are backwards.
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    Utilizing M925 stock hydraulics

    Did anyone get this done? Looking to add a rear hydraulic winch to my M925 and also some other rear of truck hydraulic items. Pictures of anything?
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    M925 a1 armored crew cab

    That is a mountain of hard work you have put into that thing. Very nice work and attention to detail too.
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    M939 Battery Relocation Kit Source?

    Anyone know where to get an M939 battery relocation kit, new or used? Thank you.
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    Code name BART (Bad A** Recovery Truck)

    What happened to Ron?
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    Posting pictures and looking at thumbnails?

    Im trying to use a Samsung Smart phone but its looking like this site doesn't work with them from what Im seeing. Patracy, Thanks for the info.
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    How to post pictures - a tutorial

    I'm guessing since there is no attachment tab this site doesn't work with Samsung Smart phones?
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    Posting pictures and looking at thumbnails?

    Hi everyone. How do I post pictures to a thread and how do I look at attached thumbnails? I tap on the attached thumbnail and nothing happens. I dont see any tab to attach pictures. I tried searching for how to use this site and nothing comes up. Thank you in advance.
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    M939 Series Arctic Personnel Heater Installation Questions

    Thank you for the pictures and information. I haven't quite figured out how to respond to post on here yet. This site seems less user friendly than other sites I have been on as far as reponding to post. I'm used to having a Thank You tab to hit but I dont see one and I'm easily side...
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    M939 Series Arctic Personnel Heater Installation Questions

    1.) Do you notice if it sucks fumes from the engine bay in much? 2.) Did you have to put a bung in the fuel tank? 3.) Any pictures of the wiring and fuel pump, filter mounting? 4.) Where did you pull electrical power from? 5.) What happens with the old heater blower switch and wiring...
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    M945 Bridge Truck Suspension Questions.

    Thank you for the info.
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    M945 Bridge Truck Suspension Questions.

    MAadams. Yes, I figured I would have to lengthen the main driveshaft and the driveshaft between the axles. Im thinking of moving the axle sub frame back about 6" or so.
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    M945 Bridge Truck Suspension Questions.

    Is there a way to open these thumbnails on a smart phone?
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    M923 Transfer Case upgrade to Oshkosh 55000

    Simp, Did you get it all back together and going?
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    M945 Bridge Truck Suspension Questions.

    Yeah, I get the whole front lift block thing. I'm not really a fan but I used to work at a company that had heavy offroad 6x6 trucks almost all of them had front blocks ranging from two to four inches from the factory. Some had u-bolt holes so there was no way the block could spit out. Some...
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    M945 Bridge Truck Suspension Questions.

    I want to run 1600R20 tires on an M925A2. I want to be able to run tire chains and want more clearance between the front and rear tandem axle tires. I was looking at running M945 length torque rods and leaf springs but I'm a little confused. The M945 torque rods look like they are 25...
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    M939 Series Arctic Personnel Heater Installation Questions

    I have an M35 Arctic heater kit to install in an M925A2. Does anyone have the directions for installing a arctic heater kit into an M939 cab? What modifications are needing to be done to install this kit into an M939 truck cab? Are any additional parts needed and if so where would I get them?
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    Overhead console VIC-3 radio mount

    Haha.. Ok.. That sounds great.. I was wondering if others had the radios too. Very nice work..
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