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    M1123 AC Compressor Delete

    Why delete the compressor? Couldn't you just cap off the refrigeration ports and remove the wire to the A/C clutch? The compressor won't be turning without the clutch being commanded on.
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    Montana Title

    Yes, I have the same Style code "OH". The six digit VIN is going to be a problem as well with the Oregon DMV I assume. How are you planning on getting it licensed? It seems like "Dirt Legal" might be an (expensive) option. Has anybody used them?
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    Montana Title

    Update on Montana title. I received it via FedEx yesterday. Yay! Took a bit over a year since purchase. I might have added a few weeks since I was not able to pick up truck from Yermo immediately after the EUC cleared due to travel. Now on to the Oregon DMV. We'll see how that goes....
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    Montana Title

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    Funny failure mode

    With the cap off, there is a surprising amount of air flowing at idle. I have wondered how restrictive the cap is at WOT but then I have not seen any black smoke at full acceleration meaning there is plenty of air for combustion.
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    Looking for an engine mechanic near Phoenix AZ please

    There is a simple way to verify combustion gases leaking into the coolant. Get the diesel version.
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    Parasitic Draw

    I measured the 0.8 amps with the ammeter in series. Looks like putting the meter into the circuit woke something up and I did not wait long enough to have it go back to sleep. This time I measured with with a Fluke DC clamp meter not disturbing the battery connection and did not detect any...
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    Montana Title

    Thanks for all the responses. Looks like I'm not the only one waiting over a year. I'll keep plugging away at the little things the truck needs (doors, hardtop, etc). Patience....
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    Parasitic Draw

    I noticed my batteries were down a bit after sitting for a few days. Pulled out the multimeter and it turns out I have a 0.8 amp parasitic draw with everything off and waiting a couple of minutes. On a car I'd expect less than 0.03 amps. Standard 1123 truck with no add-ons (yet). 0.8 amps is...
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    Montana Title

    I opted for the Montana title when purchasing the M1123 a year ago. I still have not received it. Customer support says it is still in the works. Is this common? Have other people had the same delay?
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    Hmmwv 12 Volt Conversion

    At 24V the wires are designed to carry half the current of a 12V system. That is the primary advantage of a 24V system. Converting a 24V system to 12V requires upgrading all high current carrying wires. After that is done, breakers and fuses will have to be upgraded. You'll probably still need...
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    Oil Pressure "LOW" ? 6.5L non-turbo

    I don't see an issue. The old rule of thumb is 10psi for every 1000 rpm. In older two stroke Detroit Diesels the low oil pressure light would flicker at hot idle (5 psi). Never a problem as long as it rises with rpm.
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    WARNING aftermarket doors from Global Parts

    The doors are finished very well. The gelcoat surface is perfect. White on outside, painted black on interior. They come fully assembled on one pallet. Shipping was reasonable (as these things go nowadays). $300 to west coast including tail gate home delivery.
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    WARNING aftermarket doors from Global Parts

    I just installed the fiberglass doors from West Kentucky Surplus. They come complete with all hardware and fit well. Nice, solid doors. Fairly heavy. Just take your time when drilling the holes for the supplied hinges. No complaints overall.
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    200 Amp Generator to charge power bank

    Mixing battery technologies complicates things. As pointed out above, you have to follow the appropriate charging protocol. The easiest way is to use a DC-To-DC charger that is set up for Li-Ion. Down-side is slow charging which negates one of the Li Ion advantages. The DC-DC charger will only...
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    200 Amp Generator to charge power bank

    To charge an additional house battery off the same alternator, I'd use an "automatic charging relay". This relay will only connect the second battery when the voltage is at charging level (>13V). It will automatically disconnect when you turn off the engine. A diode works also but at 100+ amps...
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    Excessive Run Temp HMMWV

    I'd install the OEM temp sender; needs to be matched to gauge. Then verify gauge by measuring actual temps with infrared thermometer.
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    GP Inspection Reports, Buy with confidence or Buyer Beware? What is your experience?

    My truck was pretty much as described in the listing "running and driving". And the truck did just that once I got the batteries charged.. It took a while for the EUC to clear and I was traveling and could not take delivery when it finally did. They were ok with keeping the truck in Barstow for...
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    You are not alone. Bought in September 21, picked up this April, still waiting on title.
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    GovPlanet Humvee Question

    I had the same brackets just hanging there on my 1123. They are just sitting on the transmission support bracket, no bolts.
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