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  1. Avn-Tech

    New Ride

    Here is my new military ride! we are currently working on restoring her to fly again. So far we have been through the electrical, fuel, hydraulics and starting systems. we are currently working on the flight controls and then brake systems. After that will come taxi test and high power engine...
  2. Avn-Tech

    HMMWV for use in movie

    Group, Looking for southern California HMMWV owners, who would be willing to rent/loan their vehicles for use in a movie. This movie is based on a true story of a veteran wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq. We are currently working on funding for this movie so no dates have been scheduled...
  3. Avn-Tech

    looking for member in Hawaii

    I made a mistake and purchased a GEM Cart from Iron Planet in Hawaii. Currently looking for someone who may be able to help me. Please contact me at Thank You Avn-Tech John Fischer
  4. Avn-Tech

    M832 wanted

    Group, I am looking to buy or rent an m832 container mover. Thank You Avn-Tech
  5. Avn-Tech

    Deuce or 5 ton needed for event

    Group, I have been contacted by a church group looking for some military vehicles for a men's event they are holding. I am too far away to provide help to them, since they are in the Huston TX area, but said I would post and see if someone local can assist them. Thank You Avn-Tech
  6. Avn-Tech

    Need deuce for Film shoot in Los Angeles

    Group, I am am looking for a second deuce for a film shoot in Los Angeles on May 11/12. I have quoted $200 a day for my deuce, but you can ask what you want if they are willing to pay. I am also charging $200 to deliver the truck 100 miles and then pick it up. I plan on being on set to...
  7. Avn-Tech

    Pickup & shipping from Stillwater OK

    Group, I purchased 20 ea, gas mask carrier from the city of Stillwater, OK on Ebay. They require a local pickup, so I am looking for someone to pick them up and mail to me. Thank You Avn-Tech John Fischer Cell (818) 257-0911
  8. Avn-Tech

    GL Barstow

    Group, Last week my stepson graduated from 8th grade, and I needed to pick-up items at Barstow. I called and talked to Tim to schedule a late pick-up. Tim agreed to stay a little late if necessary to help me complete my pick-up. I arrived about 10-20 min late (for the last pick-up time) and...
  9. Avn-Tech

    Need Military Tent for Movie shoot, S. Calif

    Group, A small movie studio I provide props for has asked me to find them a military tent to use for a public service announcemnet (military to collage) being shot next wed. The studio is located just north of Mojave CA. Please contact me offline to discuss. Thank You Avn-Tech John Fischer...
  10. Avn-Tech


    Group, I have owned an M35A2C for almost a year now, but the military would not recognize and license me to drive theirs. Even though every month, a report comes out saying that I need to be licensed to drive one. Currently I am attending training at March ARB, Regional Training site. I told...
  11. Avn-Tech

    my name is Avn-Tech and I am an addict!

    Group, Today I traded for a HUMVEE project, about 80% + complete. Some assembly required. Tuesday I am going to look at an M38, and in Jan I will be buying a Pumper (Fire Truck) to also add to my collection of projects. It is not like I do not have enough projects (13 airplanes, deuce, 3...
  12. Avn-Tech

    Ok GSA Sale

    Group, Did anyone win one of the Deuces for sale at the GSA Auction in OK. I would bid on several, but they were too far away for me to bring home. Laterrrrr Avn-Tech
  13. Avn-Tech

    Dieselcraft OC-50

    Group, So as not to hijack anouther thread, where I posted about my set up, I am starting a new thread. After doing some research, I decided to go with a Dieselcraft OC-50 setup. I purchased a complete setup (Filter and pump), on Ebay for about $800. I also purchased a 500 gal oil storage...
  14. Avn-Tech

    Spacer block size for Bobbed Deuce

    Group, I have tried to search the database for info and found two different answers. I am helping Shannon Deese bob his deuce and need the dimensionfor the rear spring blocks. I have seen 3" & 4 " listed, So should the blocks be 3" or 4 ". I also need the width of the block for the...
  15. Avn-Tech

    need seat bottom

    Group, A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a Deuce from GL and the drivers seat bottom was missing. I am looking for a drivers seat bottom. even one that can be recovered. It also has both windshield broken (good frames), so I need windshields also. Thanks Avn-Tech
  16. Avn-Tech

    GVWR to list on SF-97

    Group, I have an M35A2C and M109A3 that I am trying to get SF-97's for. I need a GVWR for both trucks to list on the SF-97's. Also, How do I determine the year for each? I have looked at the stock numbers, and they list them as being built over a 10 year period. Thanks Avn-Tech
  17. Avn-Tech

    Picking up my first Deuce

    Group, On 05-05-09, I went to Barstow and picked up my first Deuce (M35A2C), two trailers (M105) and an Aircraft Tug. We left early (0600), and arrived at Barstow at approx 0830. We met with Tim, who took us across the street to the Aircraft tug. We put a battery in teh tug and it started...
  18. Avn-Tech

    sealed bid auctions

    group, is there a way of telling what the winning bid on a sealed bid auction is? I bid on several sealed bid auctions and lost. I am trying to determine a fair price to bid next time the items come up. Thanks Avn-Tech
  19. Avn-Tech

    Palmdale, CA Deuces

    Group, I was driving N/B Sierra Highway, from Pearblossom Highway and saw 2 Deuces and an M105 trailer parked in a fenced lot. Do these belong to a form member? Thanks Avn-Tech
  20. Avn-Tech

    Pick up and store in Lansing MI

    Group, I am looking at purchasing a 5 ton at the Lansing mi sale. Is there anyone locally who can reterive and store it until I can get a chance to get back and pick it up. I live in CA about 50 miles from Barstow. Thanks
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