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  1. WW2Chevy

    Windshield Safety Glass Stencils

    The second picture is of windshield glass etched using one of my stencils. I really don't follow what jeep vendors do or don't do. The stencil research and project was pretty tightly focused on G506 glass, as thats what I have. You can see that the graphic elements are arranged a litle...
  2. WW2Chevy

    Windshield Safety Glass Stencils

    Are you looking for something like this? I made these a few years back based on original Chevy G506 glass etchings.
  3. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    Now that you've done all the hard work...Pintle hitch for sale
  4. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    If you read through the comments, there is somebody named Benjamin Johnson who is trying to buy the winch. Maybe he would grab the pintle spring and shaft for you?? You might try messaging him.
  5. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    Possible source for the pintle parts you're after. CCKW on Marketplace
  6. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    Looks great Jeff!
  7. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    Did you notice that your flanges are bent the reverse direction of the original? Yuou've got a very sharp bend at each end, where the original is greater then a 90.
  8. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    I just checked my truck, and found that I do have two sleeves as indicated. I only remembered one... Could you fabricate one with a short length of pipe and a 1/2" or 5/8" thick steel "donut"??
  9. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    I found the spring center bolts that I purchased. They are available here:
  10. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    Its a lot of steel to heat up. My choice would be the oxy-acetylene with a rosebud tip, but the propane will work if you're patient. I've also heard of using a bottle jack instead of the pipe wrench. The challenge is to straighten the top flange without bending the bottom flange.
  11. WW2Chevy

    Tcase operation

    Nope, don't believe so... you can see the two shifter links in the center of the photo.
  12. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    A little heat, a 3 ft long pipe wrench and a cheater pipe will straighten that cross-member right out!
  13. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    The spring center bolts are not your run of the mill bolt. They are a fine thread, and the top head is round not hex. I bought a couple NOS and didn't need them. Let me figure out where I bought them. For the bed hold downs, please see attached...
  14. WW2Chevy

    G506 Class 525 (G7133) restore

    Hi Jeff, I just rediscovered your G506 firetruck thread again today; and have been looking through your posts from the past couple of years. Your last set of pictures of the rear axle made the lightbulb above my head turn on... I just realized you're also on the G506 CHEVROLET WWII TRUCKS...
  15. WW2Chevy

    Vancouver BC pickup and Fastenal dropoff

    Trying to buy a 6-cylinder engine from a seller just south of Vancouver, BC. I would like to find someone local that can do the pickup, strap it to a pallet and drop off at the Fastenal location in Vancouver. Willing to pay for your time and fuel. Thanks!
  16. WW2Chevy

    Closed cab, need correct door hinge mount mirror bracket.

    Hi Jon, Jon Kelley here in he states made some a few years back, and more recently Graham Lycett from the UK also made a batch. Graham is on FB and Jon Kelley is on the G503 forums.
  17. WW2Chevy

    CCKW Parts Sources

    There is a subforum on for larger military trucks including the CCKW. Joel Gopan has a NOS seat back for sale on the forum. Lots of good information too at
  18. WW2Chevy

    Hello from Northern Wisconsin

    There are also two FB group pages dedicated to the G506 trucks, and a wealth of information here: Forums/
  19. WW2Chevy

    G506 cab fitment

    There are a couple of G506 groups on Facebook. There are a couple guys located in PA I believe.
  20. WW2Chevy

    Need transfer case help

    EBAY... or one of the vendors. von Rosensteil, Rex Ward, etc.
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