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  1. m1010plowboy

    Canadian mlvw power steering on m35a2

    Is that the deuce you bobbed in a day or are you working on something else already? Seano11 snuck some pictures out but let's see that beast now. I didn't even ask if I should post the pics he sent to me and you're closest to him so if you don't want these shared......get him. I wanted to get up...
  2. m1010plowboy

    HET M1070 Barely Moves, No Guts

    Any hub heat? I had a brake drag on the deuce and it felt under powered. Driving around in neutral is interesting. It's easy to get the deuce in the air to set brakes and free spin the wheels but getting the 1070 in the air deserves photos. Hope it works out so we can see that truck in the...
  3. m1010plowboy

    Canada - Prairies - (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

    Hey welcome aboard. That's your first post so the greeting committee will come along and all the advice will be free. I just chatted with the CVSE in B.C. about this. First they thought BS was banning vehicles with armor, then trucks over 4500kg, then anything green, then things that rhyme with...
  4. m1010plowboy

    M26 Dragon Wagon

    Old threads with a perfect title need some pictures so I schpeculated you folks would like to see some color. I was going to wait until family hit the river valley to see if she's still there but let's jump the gun and get her up here. Maybe others can climb on and we can fill this thread...
  5. m1010plowboy

    New Gama Goat Owner. Help! How do I connect the cargo section???

    Let's drop an easy link to the Goat Manuals from the TM link above. There are a lot of manuals so if we dig up a page number and some schematics of the attachment method it'll help future searchers working on the Goat. I got to...
  6. m1010plowboy

    First time in the snow…

    Playing in the snow with chains is the way to go otherwise you need to mount a jet in the back. Goose would get stuck on any slight hill on Non Directional Tread. Good Rubber helps a ton and a ton in the back helps good rubber. More weight on snow and ice means more stuck and bigger...
  7. m1010plowboy

    Interesting Response from Vermont DECLINING my HMMWV Registration

    Was it the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) that started this problem? We should call them and ask. It never hurts to ask. Here's the Vermont Rep from the AAMVA group that appears to be making the biggest difference in our MV drive time. Her name is Wanda Minoli and...
  8. m1010plowboy

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    That turned out nice. It sets the bar pretty high for MV styling. This one is still in the bush and your truck may be the inspiration we need. When you get up north we have a camping site next to a pond if you need an off-grid hiding spot. Love to hear that beast run. Here's mile 1 at...
  9. m1010plowboy

    Putting rear bumper on M35.

    I had to look that up....but no. We bid on gov projects so our safety training was similar to EHS&S through the Alberta Construction Safety Association. The TM, SOP info is a direct result of Steel Soldier website training and the doggone encouragement the very the...
  10. m1010plowboy

    Putting rear bumper on M35.

    That's a nice truck. The PO of Goose the Deuce put one on the M135 to meet commercial codes in the North and it was handy. The foot hole on the side and the simple comfort knowing someone hitting the back of the truck wouldn't scratch the diff was enough reason to keep it. The tailgates are...
  11. m1010plowboy

    1952 needs brakes and things.

    That's the first time in a long time just hearing an engine made me smile. Thank you. Most of that valve noise will go away once adjusted. There's just something good about an inline six.
  12. m1010plowboy

    Need Help after Transmission Rebuild

    That's great news. It's a fun truck to drive. Pictures of that deuce with California behind it are always appreciated. It had to be the easiest solution in the G749 world of problems. "Let er' run and add fluid". Beautiful. Rusty's advice could breath new life into deuces people thought were...
  13. m1010plowboy

    Canada - Prairies - (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

    That's a nice truck. Welcome aboard. I got to drive the right hand drive British version and they are all truck. He was missing the fold down sides but your truck looks complete. Very nice. Are you insured and registered for the road? We're hearing the beginnings of the end for Green Iron in...
  14. m1010plowboy

    1952 needs brakes and things.

    That's an odd looking canister. Looks a bit like a pregnant Air hydraulic Cylinder pac. Someone will likely recognize what it came off of and an era, This one looks a little closer in diameter...
  15. m1010plowboy

    1952 needs brakes and things.

    I saw Zeligson somewhere before and those mysteries almost always send me hunting. Likely pulled into Zeligson for a conversion after service but it's always cool to find out more info. Crane Carrier Company and Zeligson were...
  16. m1010plowboy

    Another M1010 owner

    Gotta love those boots on the 1010. The photos and pics are so appreciated. The 1010 is bear resistant so sleeping in the bush once the doors are closed is very relaxing. Keep the adventures coming.
  17. m1010plowboy

    Need Help after Transmission Rebuild

    Are we shifting yet? You've shared some good news with the " New part including new production clutch plates throughout " statement. If there are new parts available from a source you can reveal, it may help the rest of us out. Are these new old stock parts, reconditioned or did Fatsco come...
  18. m1010plowboy

    M135 M211 2 speed transfer case mod

    That WET coast is incredible for the 5 days a year it doesn't rain. It was actualy a dry year out West so just need to time visits between storms. Wait a second.........Duane was able to get you through the border with just a text? Hey Duane, I need some stuff brought up from Mexico...
  19. m1010plowboy

    My new hobby: Wood military vehicles

    That is just a high level talent of wood mastery and I feel honoured to get a look at it. Thanks so much for sharing. You catch so much detail we're losing sleep staring at them. One of the least modeled yet sassiest military vehicles created to date is the G749 series. It has compound curves...
  20. m1010plowboy

    65 Kaiser M35A2 project starts

    We're moving this American truck off the G749 farm today so having some southern knowledge is always a bonus. What's the turn around like and do you get time to visit? We could run you into a few hidden warehouses to see the CDN MV gear, visit 2.1 million fallout shelter spaces, go to a...
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