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  1. Grusqwatch

    2 M1123's shipped from Yermo to Livingston, Montana

    Very happy with service. I just received my Burma Jeep using USF, excellent work, almost immediate response and shipping in a very timely manner.
  2. Grusqwatch

    I Bought a 100 Year Old Army Trailer Today

    That is really cool. Good luck, like to see that go through resto.
  3. Grusqwatch

    M37 Gun Truck Questions

    Looks Great. That is a 3/4 ton chassis then?
  4. Grusqwatch

    Burma Jeep Lexington, KY to North of Milwaukee, WI

    I have a Burma Jeep that is in need of transport from Lexington, KY area to just a bit north of Milwaukee, WI. Vehicle does not run. Let me know if anyone has this capability and willing to do it reasonably. Thanks Matt
  5. Grusqwatch

    M37 Gun Truck Questions

    Is that a military trailer the mule is on? I like to see more detail of that if you could share.
  6. Grusqwatch

    1951 m104 Trailer

    I like the bolster tires, where would a person buy 3 of those? They seem to be a nice swap out.
  7. Grusqwatch

    Burma Jeep Information

    Replacement Tubes and Flaps Anyone have replacement numbers for tubes and flaps? Just got my rims back from blasting and painting and want to get them mounted. Just trying to save a bit of leg work if the information is already out there. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Grusqwatch

    Burma Jeep Information

    Awesome, thanks guys for help. I will check out both places to gather more information
  9. Grusqwatch

    Burma Jeep Information

    A couple more questions I have are: Did the bomb hoist version have a hydro-vac system on it? What is the data tag at the top of the engine cover? you can just see the bottom half of the tag in question on the first picture in the above post. There is nothing on it that i can see or bring up...
  10. Grusqwatch

    Burma Jeep Information

    Awesome, thnx for the heads up. I will check to make sure numbers match, pretty sure they will. I checked Ebay and didn't see the hoist for sale from that seller. I will keep looking.
  11. Grusqwatch

    Burma Jeep Information

    Hello Everyone, I have been checking the forums for information. I have just acquired the Burma Jeep from dozenjeeps from the site here. The Burma Jeep actually seems in very nice shape to me, considering it is almost 70 years old. I have gotten other vehicles in ALOT worse shape. I have...
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