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  1. gringeltaube

    Hello Steel Soldiers members!! a little message from b4thundr!

    Please note: See above post. And it's been almost 4 years since the OP has last posted anything. Buying/selling stuff in the open forums is not OK. If you need something, please post an ad in the Classifieds - Parts Wanted section.
  2. gringeltaube

    Center link, tie rod ends, drag link, pitman interchange between 998 and 1123

    I did: there is no UOC for the tie rod ends, at least. According to TM9-2320-280-24P, Fig. 170, both parts (RH =2530-01-189-2195; LH = 2530-01-197-2160) are the same for all variants.
  3. gringeltaube

    (stupid) pitman arm replacement question.

    That. Leave the locknut (sorry, lockwasher that is...) out and check your torque frequently, especially at the beginning, after every (short) trip. Eventually (and gradually) that arm will slide up a few more mm until it stopped moving any further. Pretty sure at that point it got as tight as...
  4. gringeltaube

    Steering knuckle studs replaced with bolts

    That would be great; just let us know.
  5. gringeltaube

    Steering knuckle studs replaced with bolts

    Difference is .23" (almost 1/4 inch longer than stock) I will have to take a closer look, too. You are right that the hub won't interfere. I think there is a reason for them studs to be kind of short. But it wouldn't be the first time I'm wrong...
  6. gringeltaube

    Steering knuckle studs replaced with bolts

    Haha.... I just came back from my shop, after checking exactly that! See my post above, now edited.
  7. gringeltaube

    Steering knuckle studs replaced with bolts

    Careful: original studs are shorter, on both ends. You certainly don't want them to protrude too far! Sadly, none of the typical bolts & nuts suppliers have the exact size studs, so you must go with the 2.0in-lenght and trim them down, on both sides. Edit: I just checked one of those...
  8. gringeltaube

    Brake fluid shooting out of remote reservoir? Chapter 13, pages 63-72
  9. gringeltaube

    Humvee Run Flat tyres removal

    Take a look at my sectional drawing of a typical HMMWV tire/wheel assembly.... (everything is exactly to scale) I'm sure you can see the reason now, for my response in post #25
  10. gringeltaube

    Humvee Run Flat tyres removal

    :ditto: ... if we are talking about runflats. Not to be confused with plain bead locks (which I strongly recommend using instead of runflats, in all cases. That one I must disagree...
  11. gringeltaube

    Humvee Run Flat tyres removal

  12. gringeltaube

    What comes around goes around - new upgrades for the TH400

    Not.....?? Even after you wrote this: "It seems "Sonnax" which is a major transmission parts supplier and builder of high performance transmission parts has just released a new "forward/ direct drum" assembly for the TH400 transmission. It is the first one addressing some major issues that only...
  13. gringeltaube

    24 bolt wheel studs?

    I believe your NSN 5306-01-417-2467 is correct for the 24-bolt wheels. Compared to the ones of the early 12-bolt wheels ( NSN: 5306013367175) , the ribbed shoulder of the later style bolts is a few mm longer. I think that's the only difference.
  14. gringeltaube

    Db2 injector pump electrical connectors

    I can confirm that those two on the HMMWV IP are std Packard connectors, too.
  15. gringeltaube

    Front Axle Shaft Dirt and Oil Slinger

    I guess it's the seal #5 you are referring to? Part number 4036431, NSN 5330-01-033-3167
  16. gringeltaube

    Tie rod end cross reference

    You can have one, original, NIB - if you're willing to pay $43 for the shipping door-to-door via USPS. (I have like 50 of them and really no use for it...)
  17. gringeltaube

    M35a2 automatic transmission swap?

    Do it for free, yes... but In a day?? Good luck with that...! And don't forget that the starter will be on the wrong side, just where you want the R-L motor mount to be....
  18. gringeltaube

    Air powered wiper Questions

    I've yet to find one of these that couldn't be fixed to work again as it should - for a good while at least. Insufficient- or deteriorated lubricant is the main problem, most often.
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