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  1. NDT

    HMMWV Alignment Question - well maybe.

    If your tires are wearing properly I would not align anything. It’s an all day ordeal to adjust the alignment shims at all 4 corners.
  2. NDT

    M936A2 wrecker

    Looking very very good, someone did what appears to be an excellent paint job on it.
  3. NDT

    M936A2 Wrecker crane noise

    I think air entrainment. This happens when a seal or hose allows air into the system, and the volume of fluid expands because it is full of microscopic bubbles.
  4. NDT

    Water cans on fender?

    The sponson more or less has to take the weight of the troop seat with 4 guys sitting on it, so yes, you should be good.
  5. NDT

    Headlight upgrade on the cheap

    If you can, please try to support American manufacturers such as Truck-lite and JW Speaker. Rather than the PRC.
  6. NDT

    Need help. M1083A1P2. Ukraine

    Check this module in the PDP, this circuit breaker provides power for the hot air heater and defrost. If the breaker is tripped, the button will be up. Thanks to many folks that have helped so far with this diagnosis effort.
  7. NDT

    Odd ball: Any ideas the purpose of this? Driver's side, under dash against tunnel

    Cmon guys, everyone knows that is the pull starter! Someone post a link to the YouTube vid on how it works
  8. NDT

    Need help. M1083A1P2. Ukraine

    PTO is power take off, power for winch (if equipped), CTIS is power for central tire inflation. Look for abbreviations related to “defrost”, maybe DEF. We are going to ask some active duty US Army contacts if they can provide insight into this circuit. This will take a day or so.
  9. NDT

    ISO 16x16 expandable tent frames.

    I did a post on here with the needed dimensions to diy a frame. I can post a link if you can’t find it.
  10. NDT

    Need help. M1083A1P2. Ukraine

    Welcome and greetings from the United States. If you post any pictures, be sure any geotagging is turned off, don’t make the same mistakes as the mobiks. Unfortunately we also do not have hard copies of the maintenance manuals for the A1P2 uparmored trucks, they are only electronic versions...
  11. NDT

    Operation: Gertrude. Kendelrios M715 restoration thread

    Something is way off with the engine, it should sound a smooth as a sewing machine.
  12. NDT

    ISO 16x16 expandable tent frames.

    VT - 16x16 Expandable Tent Frame | SteelSoldiers
  13. NDT

    differences between LDS465-1A and the Dash-2 ?

    You see the hp is rated at 2800 RPM, having driven a 656, I can tell you the Allison shift points are all at 2800 RPM, the engine seems like it spends a lot of time at redline.
  14. NDT

    differences between LDS465-1A and the Dash-2 ?

    The -2 came in the M656 and was rated at even more horsepower than in the M39 5 tons.
  15. NDT

    Conversion to Electric Lift Pump on HMMWV?

    6.5 Chevy/GMC trucks use the electric pump too, people advise you to keep a spare in the glove box.
  16. NDT

    Latest M1167 purchase. Too far gone? Or should I rebuild.

    No brainer, put that one back together. USMC was cannibalizing it because it was the pick of the litter at CANN point.
  17. NDT

    M151A2 MERDC Paint Source

    Suggest you visit a Sherwin Williams Coatings store and ask them to look up Federal Standard 595 and have them mix you up some FS34151 in the Industrial Enamel line.
  18. NDT

    Hummer Ambulance

    Please just buy a diesel pusher and enjoy driving around and not being towed to repair shops like you would with a HMMWV.
  19. NDT

    Introduction & a warning

    Did they drill a new hole in your tank? There already is one hole for the drain plug.
  20. NDT

    Common problems and solutions HMMWV

    Ha that is the 1985 version of the TM, the caliper parking brake was just a twinkle in some AM General engineer's eye at that point, the page you pictured is the awful driveshaft parking brake that was in use 1984-89 ish. Find one of the later dated TMs on this site for info on the newer brake.
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