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    Know the Difference Between the HMMWV 6.2L and 6.5L Detuned Engines? Anyone seen this

    You will absolutely find 6.5L GEP w/ the 3-speed transmission. The vehicle may have originally come with a 6.2L, but at some point the engine was replaced and more or less all replacement engines were 6.5L GEP. Basically if it has a 4-speed transmission it's PROBABLY a 6.5L. If it has a...
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    Long Cold Start Cranking

    When I got my vehicle the glow plugs were shot, and the EESS box was "fine". I replaced the glow plugs, then found out actually the box was bad. Replaced the temp sensor on the engine (that connects to the box) and the box.. and now it was starting great all the way down to about 40F. Below...
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    Tire talk

    My HMMWV had "new" 10-14 year old tires, "brand new" surplus, they lasted 18 months on the HMMWV before they started cracking, one on the sidewall to the point it was unsafe to drive. (Great for the person who sold me the HMMWV, expensive for me since I thought it had "new" tires. I never...
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    Humvee Run Flat tyres removal

    I bought 4 from this seller, and got them all installed. Took a bunch of work, but no problems and the price was what I was willing to pay.
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    Humvee Run Flat tyres removal

    Military tires have a max of 10 years (assuming they were not stored in the sun, bad conditions, etc!). Don't risk your life or someone elses. Always look at the DOT codes and then use that to determine the amount of inspection required, or if it's time to replace them or not. I had Goodyear...
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    Which states are not HMMWV friendly?

    Minnesota is HMMWV friendly (not necessarily all military vehicle friendly, law is written that the vehicle must have a civilian version of the same dimensions and weight to be eligable...)
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    Wiper motor works but no fluid

    If the contacts in the windshield are still original, you can use some dielectric grease with a few small washers as a temporary workaround. But it's not that difficult to swap out the contacts with new ones. (I have do that last year.). Also when doing this, you will probably need to replace...
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    Tires going flat left and right, can they be repaired

    Trusting old tires is not worth your or other drivers safety. You REALLY need to replace them with new tires. The original style Goodyear Wrangler MT are available again, just have to special order them through a tire store with a goodyear commercial account.
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    Wheels spinning on unlevel ground

    While I've not experienced it on the HMMWV, I have seen that on other trucks.. so I always use wheel chocks when I lift ANY wheels off the ground. (I also use them on the HMMWV when the vehicle is on display at the local American Legion, in-case someone releases the parking break.)
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    HMMWV chariot kit?

    Looks like it was made for a parade or something similar. I don't see any other point to it.
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    Block Heater

    In Minnesota fuel at the pump is winterized from Oct 1 to March 31. (Some places will do it a bit earlier and later.). I always add winterizer addative all year round to my diesel. Since I don't know how much I'm going to drive 1 oz per 5 gallons of diesel is pretty easy to do and will keep...
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    Block Heater

    HMMWV with new glow plugs, strong starter and winterized diesel. I started it no problem down to -10F last year. I did have to play a bit with the throttle, but I believe that was a flakey cold advance sensor... So while a block heater is nice for quicker warm up, it's not mandatory.
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    Fire extinguisher size?

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    Fire extinguisher size?

    Depends what you mean by bracket. My HMMWV had the plate with the hole and the support on the floor but not the strapping. The fire extinguisher I bought was for Marine / DOT applications and came with a new strapping/bracket which I mounted to the existing holes in the plate. I just checked...
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    Fire extinguisher size?

    I use a 5lbs 2.5lbs Halotron.. if I do have to use it, I don't want that powder everywhere.. Have the same one in my Jeep as well. (Switched from the powder ABC to halotron after I watched someone at a car show put out a _small_ engine fire, and more or less fill their intake with powder...)...
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    Humvee viscus fan conversion

    I would assume it's a similar amount. Like the hydraulic clutch it just bind the fan 1:1 with the engine. So if the engine is spinning 2000 rpms, the fan is going 2000 RPMs. If the blade (or number of blades) is different that would affect overall airflow, but I would have to assume the Hummer...
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    Humvee viscus fan conversion

    Correct, the viscous clutch works based on temp of the clutch unit itself. When it gets hot, it activates, when it cools down it free wheels. So no hydraulic pump/fluid/valve involved. This is the same approach used on a LOT of 1980's/1990's cars (before electronic fans).
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    Headlight question.....not LED's

    Also verify the wire markers are correct. On a new LED lamp I got, the wire marker was wrong for two of the three wires.. something like that could cause odd results on an incandescent as well.
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    BFGoodrich Baja TA vs Goodyear Wrangler MT?

    FYI Goodyear MT are no longer back ordered, any good tire shop should be able to call goodyear and order a set. (I just put 4 brand new Goodyear MTs with DOT '2022' date codes (20th week of 2022).
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    Bolt size

    Is this the 2-man or 4-man bulkhead? Appears to be in the parts manual - this is the front (2-man) bulkhead, which I believe matches your picture - See TM-92320-280-24P-1. Look for Figure 209 - Cargo Bulkhead and Mounting Hardware. Bracket is #11.. the bolt into the floor is #15, with #14 and...
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