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  1. jimmcld

    So I got my wrecker stuck again...

    Wider tires might help a little.
  2. jimmcld

    M816 wrecker King of Obsolete

    Do you still have your M816? I have almost the whole compliment of TOE in NOS. Do you need anything?
  3. jimmcld

    Fuel "system" sticking

    My 816 sat for a couple of months before I tried to start it. When I did try, it would try to start but not quite run. I finally found that the throttle was sticking and not opening with the foot pedal. After I freed up the throttle shaft, it started right up and ran fine. A month later, no...
  4. jimmcld

    Slow throttle response on 816

    I have had slow throttle response for years. Then, a few weeks ago, it would only idle at start-up and in a few seconds it died and would not restart. To make a long story short, it turned out to be the throttle. The linkage was working perfectly but the shaft is turned by a clock spring. It...
  5. jimmcld

    Another runaway

    Mine had nothing to do with the hand throttle. It just happened to happen as I was trying to use the hand throttle. My problem had to do with the injection pump and the "private" that installed it incorrectly. I don't think it would be applicable to the multi-fuel engine.
  6. jimmcld

    Wrecker Drag Winch Pulley Block Rigging

    I don't think any two are exactly the same.
  7. jimmcld

    Want to put A/C in a M925A1... anyone got pictures of their install?

    I don't know, but if you need one, I have one still in the crate.
  8. jimmcld

    Want to put A/C in a M925A1... anyone got pictures of their install?

    Have any of your customers ever installed one in an 816?
  9. jimmcld

    HEMTT M977 Tire Change

    I put HEMTT tires and wheels on my 816. They're not too bad as long as you don't ever lay them flat. They're a b**ch to stand back up, about 450 lbs.
  10. jimmcld

    816 air conditioner

    Thanks, but all I could find was where he installed a window a/c for the box. I'm locking for someone who has installed a cab a/c. It would be the same as for a deuce except for the compressor mount.
  11. jimmcld

    816 air conditioner

    I've searched everywhere I can think and have not found where anyone has put an air conditioner into an 800 series 5 ton. Has anyone done this?
  12. jimmcld

    Bearing is stuck

    I'd like to know where you found enough trunpet grease to grease a wheel bearing. You must have bought out the music store!
  13. jimmcld

    air getting into fuel lines

    There would not be any air in the clear plastic line if the air is coming from the flame heater.
  14. jimmcld

    air getting into fuel lines

    If I understand you correctly, the short piece of hose that you sucked flat is the hose from the primary filter to the fuel pump. If that is correct, then you have some sort of restriction between the fuel pump and the fuel tank. The only components between the fuel in the tank and the fuel...
  15. jimmcld

    air getting into fuel lines

    I've had a few gas burners do something similar. It was sediment in the tank. When the in-tank pump is running it picks up the sediment and traps it against the in-tank filter to the point that the in-tank pump can no longer pump. The motor quits and sits for a few minutes and the sediments...
  16. jimmcld

    M816 Wrecker clutch issues

    Clutch Sounds like the air valve to the clutch is open. When pressure is applied to the slave cylinder, it depresses the clutch. Change the position of the valve and see if that makes a difference. You may have had someone up there playing with the valve and left it in the "on" position.
  17. jimmcld

    Who has experience with Goodyear 1600r20's?

    I have a M816, a very heavy truck, with 1600x20's on it and I wouldn't recommend them for highway use. They do have ballance problems and they tend to get flat spots after sitting for a while. The 816 will eventually round out the flat spots but I'm not sure that your truck would ever be heavy...
  18. jimmcld

    bgt a tri-ex extendable mast radio trailer today

    I have one of the trailers without the antenna. Did you know that it's all aluminum?
  19. jimmcld

    Wrecker bed modification

    I put a rack behind the cab to hang the chains on. This frees up a lot of space in the tool boxes. Also a good place to mount extra lights.
  20. jimmcld

    M37: Dismount/remove cargo bed

    The six bolts are not that easy to get out! They are carrage bolts and any rust on the threads means that you will round out the hole in the sheet metal, and then the bolt turns. Also, if you still have the bumperettes on the rear, you may have to remove them to get to the bolts.
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