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    Hyster 4000 lb forklift, gas or LPG, any info on model, weight, etc.?

    MeToo This is the closest I could find:
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    MEP 002A and 003A

    Also, maybe
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    MEP-016 SX460 AVR shuffle?

    I think the SX-460 is very good at picking up what little residual is present to generate power. I would think under load the windings would get hot and expand and if it's cold out then the case might contract a little. It doesn't take much to wipe away the enamel coating on the windings...
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    MEP-016 SX460 AVR shuffle?

    Never had to flash one with an SX460 on it. Diodes? Other than diodes or a bad SX460 (never seen one but they are made in China, so.......) there isn't much to go bad as long as the windings aren't overloaded and damaged.
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    Pow'R Gard 30D36R 3kW Diesel Generator

    Best wheel kit: Use large zip ties, hose clamps, or bolts/nuts to attach.
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    MEP-016B with SX460 Voltage Regulator

    Sorry it took so long.
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    Wisconsin Robin 3KW GenSet T.O. 35C2-3-499-1 Manual Available

    Not sure if this is archived or not, but here it is.
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    Wisconsin Robin 3KW GenSet T.O. 35C2-3-499-1 Manual Available

    It's been a long time since I've had my hands on one. Was it working fine and then just dropped voltage? What's the whole back story? There aren't many things that can go wrong; Bad, open or burned winding? Easy enough to test with meter Bad capacitor? Not as easy to test. Rotating...
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    Wisconsin Robin 3KW GenSet T.O. 35C2-3-499-1 Manual Available

    Engine speed 3600RPM?
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    MEP-003A with SX460 VR

    Works fine on the MEP-016D but I sold the 003 long ago.
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    MEP-003A hook up question

    Sounds like you are on the right track. But, from where I sit you still need that neutral, if you don't have it. That panel allows the service to power everything and the generator to power everything below the transfer switch, which seems like a good setup if everything is wired correctly...
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    MEP-003A hook up question

    Also, the Generac switch you linked to only has a 125 Amp switch. So, you will not be able to run everything you would normally run on your 200 Amp service. The generator may be able to power everything but 125 is only 62.5% or 200. This means you may not be able to run your central AC and...
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    MEP-003A hook up question

    For your house you want 4 wires. Two hot, one neutral, one ground. In general the neutral and ground go to the same place but the neutral is designed to carry loads and the ground is not. Voltage between the two hot wires should be 220-240V and that will run 220V things. Voltage between...
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    MEP-003A hook up question

    The schematic can tell you if the Hz meter is reading from the output or if there is a sender device. Good luck finding anything local besides maybe a handheld VOM that does frequency. You can use a handheld VOM. You might find one of those plug in things like a KillAWatt...
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    MEP-003A hook up question

    I use something like this: You should just read the output to get accurate frequency. Some gens have a sender and a meter that reads the signal sent from the sender so you may not get an accurate reading from...
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    MEP-003A hook up question

    Put a meter that reads frequency on it. You can get cheap volt/frequency meters online that you can use to upgrade from the original.
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    MEP-003A Batteries

    Can you post a pic? Also, starting a new thread might be a good idea.
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    MEP 120V Output, Balanced vs. Unbalanced

    It's only a 3kW so not planning on feeding any panels with it, just using the on board outlets. Don't have a ground rod, though.
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