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  1. M1165A1

    Looking for that elusive bumper mount piece for the Rico/Rhino spare tire carrier?

    Here's one for sale. Not mine. Or you can buy it direct from Rico/Rhino too.
  2. M1165A1

    GovPlanet to charge more for SF-97s

    Took me 9 months to get my most recent one. Will the fee change pay for faster service?
  3. M1165A1

    Rear winch suggestions

    McSpeed’s thread on getting stuck has me considering adding a rear winch to my M1165A1. I do go in the backcountry a lot and getting stuck is a real concern. I will shortly have a 17K front mount winch permanently installed. I am just toying with options, but I am wondering what people who...
  4. M1165A1

    HMMWVs in Ukraine, intense video

    It's combat footage, so you are warned if you click through . . . several armored HMMWVs in combat in Ukraine. Also lots of American weaponry around the HMMWV.
  5. M1165A1

    Pawn Stars look at a HMMWV

    From their new spin-off show, "Pawn Stars Do America". Advance to about 36:43 for the scene. The Pawn Stars passed. I would have also - the 6.5 non-turbo doesn't have the juice to run up and down I-70 in Colorado.
  6. M1165A1

    Winch and weight forward of the front axle

    I'm going off on a lark and adding a winch to my M1165A1. I've secured an ECV front winch plate and am planning on adding a Sherpa 17K winch. What I'm worried about now is the added weight in the front of the vehicle and weight. About 70 pounds for the winch and close to that for the mounting...
  7. M1165A1

    Montana - has anyone applied for a front license plate exemption?

    For those running on Montana plates - has anyone applied for the exemption from front license plate? I am thinking of putting the winch on the front of my M1165A1 and it will be difficult to mount a plate if I do. HQ-1704-FRONT-PLATE-WAIVER-2.pdf ( Appreciate if anyone has done this...
  8. M1165A1

    HMMWV prototype photos

    From a quick stop I made at the Heartland Military Museum in Lexington, NE. About the only good part of driving cross country I-80.
  9. M1165A1

    Long road trip, HMMWV-HMMWV towing advice

    My neighbor and I will be driving our sister trucks - both M1165A1s - out to Moab for a bit of off roading. It's about a 300 mile trip (each way) for us. We'll definitely be bringing tools and a few key spares but I wanted to be prepared for one of the trucks going down. Which makes me...
  10. M1165A1

    Last HMMWV produced/serial numbers?

    Just curious - anyone know when the last HMMWVs were produced for the US military, and what are the highest serial numbers seen? GP has had a few in the low 350xxx range they say are 2012 manufacture; are there any newer than that?
  11. M1165A1

    Help me decipher this mystery acronym on a truck at GP

    This guy is in pretty rough shape, even for a GP truck. It's obviously a non-runner, but I only want it for parts so I don't care. But I'm wondering what these mysterious markings on the hood could mean?
  12. M1165A1

    My HMMWV is shivering

    Oh wait, maybe that's me. Because it's -13 F this morning. But the HMMWV is just fine on the backroads here in the High Country. A little winter formula diesel and some Howe's additive, and no start or operational issues. Other than I wish the heat was working.
  13. M1165A1

    Anyone looking for a seemingly NIB 6.5L engine?

    Well here's one:
  14. M1165A1

    I'm not sure if govplanet is serious or not

    For auction, opening bid $1,800: 2009 AM General M1123 HMMWV 2 Door w/Truck Body
  15. M1165A1

    Can an M1165A1 carry a snowmobile?

    Yes. Yes it can.
  16. M1165A1

    Fuel additives for cold weather and/or storage

    I'm now operating the HMMWV in an extremely cold mountain environment (it's 12 degrees this morning and the roads are between 7,000 and 11,000 feet here) and it's also sitting for as much as a month at a time. Wondering if anyone uses any additives to deal with these kind of factors, like...
  17. M1165A1

    Heads up/NOCO chargers are 50% off at Amazon today (11-29-21)

    Perfect for your HMMWV
  18. M1165A1

    What are you using for a 24Volt trickle charger?

    Dredging up a topic that's been discussed here before but it looks like two of the models people like are now discontinued or unavailable. So I am looking for a reco on a 24 Volt trickle charger to keep the HMMWV batteries charged over the winter (I don't expect to be driving much until the...
  19. M1165A1

    Heads up on Growler M1164 trailer at govplanet

    These seem pretty rare, here is your chance to get one:
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