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  1. M1165A1

    Let the fun begin! Parts truck delivered!

    Keep us posted !
  2. M1165A1

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Part 2 of the new tires on the M1152A1. Took apart the now-replaced junk quality govplanet runflats and the mixmaster 12 bolt rims so I can take them to the dump. Rims in the scrap steel, tires $5 each disposal. That will free up some garage space.
  3. M1165A1

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Well finally mounted the new GT Cepek tires on the M1152A1. Took her for a spin, which is more-or-less the first time she's been out. The tires that came from the auction put new meaning to the term "bald" and I couldn't risk them on the snow. It's a beautiful truck and I love it - BUT wow...
  4. M1165A1

    Humvee purchase, need advice

    Most definitely yes!!! You are not permitted to take possession of the vehicle without an EUC. In my experience EUCs can take weeks to months and then without warning you have a week to pick up your truck when it clears.
  5. M1165A1

    Humvee purchase, need advice

    On my last truck, I had the EUC and picked up the truck within 6 weeks of auctions. Nine months later I had an SF97 and could get plates.
  6. M1165A1

    engine swap in los angeles

    Truck it up to San Fran to Retired Warhorses
  7. M1165A1

    Humvee purchase, need advice

    Another option is to buy at auction and send the truck to Retired Warhorses for a refurb - Steve has done two for me and is very thorough and mostly cost-effective. But if you want one without an up to one year wait for the SF-97 (title) to arrive from govplanet so you can get the plates, then...
  8. M1165A1

    Looking for that elusive bumper mount piece for the Rico/Rhino spare tire carrier?

    Here's one for sale. Not mine. Or you can buy it direct from Rico/Rhino too.
  9. M1165A1

    M11XX series, remove snout/rebuild front

    Modifying an ECV to remove the enhancements that require the extended front is like dating Christina Hendricks but making her get a breast reduction. Why, for the love of God, why?
  10. M1165A1

    GovPlanet to charge more for SF-97s

    Took me 9 months to get my most recent one. Will the fee change pay for faster service?
  11. M1165A1

    Red River Retrofitting HMMWV Fleet with ABS

    I'm in the opposite camp. I'd do almost anything within reason to get hold of a couple of these Ricardo kits to install on my trucks.
  12. M1165A1

    REV truck?

    Thanks for that, you make us all smarter a bit at a time!
  13. M1165A1

    REV truck?

    I thought only >300 REV B had the Sheppard steering gears? Is that on all ECV trucks including non REV B?
  14. M1165A1

    REV truck?

    That truck did go cheap at $3500 but it needs at least 8-10K worth of visible repairs, assuming the radiator can be repaired without replacement. Very often, the non-runners have some minimal problems and can be brought back to life cheaply. Then again, some just need engine and tranny...
  15. M1165A1

    400a to 200a conversion

    I helped a buddy change out his 400A and I could barely lift the alternator even after it was out. That thing is heavy.
  16. M1165A1

    400a to 200a conversion

    Just a tip on the swap, a hoist like this one to carry the weight of the alternator as you put them in and out is the only way to do the job (unless you have a forklift!).
  17. M1165A1

    Why Blue Hummer Spindle Nuts? Hummer H1’s video answer!

    Well I am now going to triple check my own spindle nuts to be OCD about it.
  18. M1165A1

    What is the difference in the driving experience between the A2 trucks and the REV trucks?

    So to answer the question posed, I am lucky enough to have a REV B truck and some experience in both A2 and non-REV B but ECV trucks. My local terrain is very mountainous and challenging. Observations: The most important distinction is the 6.5 Turbo and 4 speed transmission. Driving the...
  19. M1165A1

    REV truck?

    I am definitely going to buy a non-runner REV B truck for spare parts and stash it away.
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