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    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    How does the hub nut lock without the gears? The torque is less then 20ft lbs Also the torque from the axle is transmitted through the hub splines. Looks like your design the torque is applied directly to the wheel hub gear carrier attach bolts. I would imagine the design may be strong enough...
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    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    bummer… still below the factory cruise control speed threshold.
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    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    How the the outer spindle bearing lubercated on the steer axle? Is it oil filled or grease packed?
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    Anyone know how to "flip" gears in a Eaton RTO?

    That is frustrating, I had to replace my output speed sensor. The sensor just by itself was $1k, I had to drain the oil just to replace the sensor. For some reason the wires to the sensor start to get stretched then the connector dislodges. Mine had a contact that migrated from the weather pack...
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    M1078a1 starter removal (bolts)

    It is just three. Is the pinion still engaged? Also the starter to bellhousing mating surface is potted with RTV.
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    LMTV Smoke Test

    Do you have the bussman PDP modules or the circuit board PDP. I smoked my PDP by reverse current my relays shorting the fly back diodes. The diodes become an alternate electrical path over currenting the traces burning the potting off then eventually destroying the trace.
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    Charging Failiure

    I have that same alternator, mine has a ripple of about .5v at idle. Since it is not a hard failure the niehoff manual does not have a clear troubleshooting step. Did your voltage gauge have a flutter before the alternator died?
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    much to my chagrin....

    Do you know the hose manufacturer? They should have a minimum bend radius. looks like for a Parker 426 hose a -6 hose Bend radius is about 5”. Bend radius can be different depending on working pressure. What is the line pressure...
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    3126 w/ABS vs 3116

    I have a 1078A1 3126, I like the ABS system, it works well and seems to keep the tyres from locking. I live in Alaska when I first got my truck from auction it had a few ABS issues, I had to readjust a wheel speed sensor and have my ABS ECU to reconfigure. After that it works great, I did a...
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    Deutsch or Weatherpak connectors for my DIY harnesses

    i use the UH2-5. It has a set screw to position the contacts, it is very nice when you are working with a bunch of different pin sizes, the problem is it is easy to not position them right and get a badcrimp.
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    Deutsch or Weatherpak connectors for my DIY harnesses

    I like the deutch connectors. The barrel crimps are superior in my option to the weather pack fold over tabs. The barrel 4 crimp is what is commonly used in aviation circular cannon plugs. The style crimp tool I use is the AF8 with the universal positioner.
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    CAT ET3 cable plug doesn't fit

    Pn 405048 6- And 9-Pin Y Deutsch... this is the one I use for my prolink 9000
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    CTIS mystery wires.

    My option panel has a CTIS on/off switch, is it for that?
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    Army engineering at it finest..

    In the aircraft world we use F4 tape or silicone fusion tape works well. My favorite is red high temp. When we pot connectors we mostly do it on bonding straps. It needs a special potting material that does not cause corrosion. I typically don’t like potting because it is hard to remove if you...
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    Amp gauges for 260A alternator.

    I wish it was mine. It was the one I learned on so it is forever stuck in my mind. I have been having issues with my electrical system I cleaned all my major connections alt connections, block ground, pdp points, diode block connections, checked for shorts and rotated my batteries. I am having...
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    Amp gauges for 260A alternator.

    I am not sure about max draw, I have a 3126 with a 100 amp alt. The only time it is maxed is when the grid heater is on. It drags down the alt to max output. Voltages go down to 22 when the grid heater cycles. Grid heater has a 100 amp fuse so it should not be more than that. my friend was a...
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    remote start cranking time?

    I have installed remote start systems for automotive gas cars. I would assume the principle remains the same. A remote start module controls the start sequence. Most start systems use alternator voltage to detect a start. Other systems use an output such tach to determine a start. I think most...
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    WTEC III Fault Code D1-6600

    i need to correct myself the serial comm is not from the keypad but to the diagnostic connector. You might have to check your termination resistors for your 1587 and your 1939 data bus
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    WTEC III Fault Code D1-6600

    it seems like to me you need to find out where the comms are being lost. Allison ecu to key pad or CAT ecu to Allison ecu You can check the serial connection from the keypad to the Allison ECU. Disconnect keypad and Allison ecu ohm out the wires from A to black S1, and B to black s17. good luck
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    AWD and Slip

    There is a designed system the sort of acts like you are describing. The WABCO ECUs on the A1s can be programmed to use active traction control. After I got my truck I could not get my ABS light to go off, I got a code reader and found that my WABCO ecu was looking for an ATC valve and would...
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