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  1. SixBuy

    Who dat on 87 Wednesday?

    Somebody won an auction at Fort Polk. Saw one deuce towing another on Texas 87 between Newton and Orange around 1:00 Wednesday, May 7th. Anybody gonna 'fess up?
  2. SixBuy

    Turbo Diagnostic

    I know this has been addressed somewhere not too long ago but danged if I can find it! Been chasing down the source of slobbering and HUGE clouds of white smoke on acceleration - the harder the acceleration, the larger the cloud! Had fuel injectors cleaned, set etc. - no change...
  3. SixBuy

    Tire advice?

    All this discussion about wheels and tires has got me wondering about the quality of my tires. Looking at the "DOT" nomenclature, it appears these 9.00x20 NDCC tires were class A3 (bead-to-bead) retreads in 2/90. I'm currently replacing tubes and flaps after one blew sitting in the driveway...
  4. SixBuy

    Deuce compression check tools

    Figure I've got to tackle the Deuce tune-up soon so I'm using the weather as an excuse to research tools and parts. Thought I'd start by pulling injectors and have them tested, cleaned, set, etc. That ought to be a good time to check compression and do a cyl leakdown test. So has anybody done...
  5. SixBuy

    Wheel maintenance

    Had a tube blow out the other day while parked in the driveway. While I was standing right next to it! (Sorry, I don't see an emoticon that deals with changing underwear...) Anyway, the flap had dried out and given way allowing the tube to make a hernia. New tube/new flap. Do I need to do...
  6. SixBuy


    The BDAR resource went so well I was was tempted to post a Chevron Fuel Review (70 pages, PDF) but felt it should be in the Tech Articles instead of the TM section - No way to import to Articles! Take a look and let me know what you think. Some of the MV articles need to be imported as well.
  7. SixBuy

    Battlefield Damage

    Hey guys , if I'm the last to discover this just say so and I'll shut up! :) I picked up a really neat TM in an Army store the other day. TM9-2320-356-BD "Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles". It's the bailing-wire-and-chewing-gum manual - officially...
  8. SixBuy

    Simple Problem

    It's the simple things... This one is the oil filter gasket - The copper washer on top of the cannister under the thru-bolt. Leaks like a sieve and every attempt to clean and retighten just makes it worse. TM9-2815-210-34P shows it in Fig 17 as item 4 (part # 7748905 - part of kit # 5702659)...
  9. SixBuy

    Deuce tune-up?

    Been fooling with the deuce for a couple of months now - changing all the fluids, filters, etc. and she still smokes. It's kind of a blue haze all the time except deceleration which is clear. Quick acceleration, like a blip on the throttle, makes a huge cloud of grey/white smoke. I'm guessing...
  10. SixBuy

    Air Pressure regulator

    Did the parade yesterday and got a 3rd place on the first time out. Problem is the air pressure went off-scale and the relief valve popped off. So we finished with the under dash valve cracked enough to bleed off excess air. Talk about going deaf... Turning the regulator knob doesn't seem to...
  11. SixBuy

    Ready to go parade - almost

    Coming down to the wire gettin EMMA ready for the parade on the Fourth. Just discovered a big chunk rubbed out of the front brake hose - oops! Anybody know a NAPA part number ( or anything else not mail order) for that? Still getting oil spray out the stack that coats everything around with...
  12. SixBuy

    Garwood Winch

    Just discovered why the winch driveshaft pieces were missing! The winch is no good! So where do you find parts for a Garwood winch? Seems to me like I saw an exploded view/parts list for the front winch in one of the TM's but darned if I can find it! Or do you just chunk it and go find...
  13. SixBuy

    GAA Grease

    Got the Lubrication Order off RDM's CD today (Thanks RDM - your million is in the mail...). Lots of places to use GAA but no GAA! Does anyone know of an acceptable substitute for GAA? Most grease is formulated with Molybdium or Lithium and the two can't be mixed. So any ideas as to what GAA...
  14. SixBuy

    Side rails/Troop Seats

    Does anyone know what the side rails/troop seats are made of on my 70/90 (Tooele) Kaiser ? Looks like a very close grained wood, sort of like teak. I was wondering if sanding, sealing with a spar var, and painting over that is a good/bad idea. They appear to have been painted with black/white...
  15. SixBuy

    Winch drive

    Got the daughter off on the honeymoon and ol' dad is back to work on the deuce! Discovered the missing link in the winch was the piece that connects the winch itself to the driveshaft! I'm guessing it must be a collar combined with a u-joint yoke because the mating end is the other half of...
  16. SixBuy

    What year is it?

    Hey guys, Kenny was right: Good things come to those who wait! Finally got my deuce after eight months of looking! It's a M35A2 w/ winch, LDT-465-1D went through Tooele Depot Refurb in '90. Got 350 hrs on engine, less than 5000 on Chassis. Hard top, seats, and bows - no canavas. Will pick...
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