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  1. CMPPhil

    Farm Diesel

    Post deleted by poster - this thread went sideways into politics
  2. CMPPhil

    Squeaky Balloon noise under passenger dash when accelerating

    Hi Erik. Glad you found the problem, from the video I was going to suggest a mouse with a kazoo. Or more exactly a mouse having chewed on the back side of some inaccessible rubber airline. Cheers Phil
  3. CMPPhil

    Need help with the oil change

    Just a hint on oil drain mess, I've found that the big plastic mortor tubs helps, cheap $17 big box or lumber yard. I put my normal oil drain pan inside. What ever misses is caught by the mortor tub. Rest of the time in lives under the major drip point of the truck in the garage.
  4. CMPPhil

    More rust repair

    Hi If the area is exposed from the rear, as it appears, and you have access to MIG welding you can get a very good repair by putting a brass or copper flat plate tight up behind the holes or craters and welding them up. Holding the heat sinks tight up against the back is the trick. Just...
  5. CMPPhil

    Original, Spicy or Extra Crispy?

    Interesting survey, but some of us have MVs that fall in all three categories. All three are good just depends which I want to drive any particular day. But now you've left me in quandary which describes me best? Cheers Phil
  6. CMPPhil

    Coolant test strips

    Thanks for sharing, keep us posted on how test with new strips and done by the instructions. Look at the good side, think of all the money you save by not draining the antifreeze based on a bad test. Cheers Phil
  7. CMPPhil

    Check your axle ubolts

    Hi That was very nice of your truck to spit out broken U bolt where you would see it. So often they bury those loose bits where you won't see. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Phil
  8. CMPPhil

    Wood chassis/frame shims

    Hi When changing truck beds it is often necessary to replace the wood spacer. Problem I've run into is the holes don't line up and you can only drill just so many new holes. All the holes are for frame bolt heads. Finding oak spacers 3/4 inch thick and 2 1/2 wide is not a problem finding...
  9. CMPPhil

    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR 2021 - VOTE HERE

    Hi. Internet has been as slow as the postal service around here for the last several days. So just to make it worse I updated the operating system on my computer only took 11 hours yesterday and 4 hours today. Hope it works correctly tomorrow. Cheers Phil
  10. CMPPhil

    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR 2021 - VOTE HERE

    Hi Great looking truck, but you have me confused which side is the heater mounted. In one photo it's on the right and another it is on the left. Did you swap sides for better breathing for the tubo? Cheers Phil
  11. CMPPhil

    Military vehicle and custom car show. Catskill mountains.

    HI Keep us posted on date and location Cheers Phil
  12. CMPPhil

    New member from New Hampshire

    Hi Pretty nice place as well. Cheers Phil
  13. CMPPhil

    New member from New Hampshire

    Hi From New Hampshire Welcome aboard to the MV in New Hampshire there are quite a few of us in the state. For those of you in New England Region check out MVMVC.ORG for information on the Merrimack Valley Military Vehicle Club, which holds the largest Military Vehicle Rally in the region end...
  14. CMPPhil

    Special Jeep with trailer

    Have you been reading MLU by chance? Or did you post it there? Cheers Phil
  15. CMPPhil

    Why so hard to shift gears

    Hi Try they list them I think.
  16. CMPPhil

    Why so hard to shift gears

    Hi Do you have access to a clip on tachometer, like a timing light? If so take the truck up a gentle hill in 4th gear and floor the peddle at about 30 MPH If the tach picks up faster the road speed the clutch is slipping. Now why would this be more noticeable in 4th than lower gears...
  17. CMPPhil

    Why so hard to shift gears

    Hi A question what is the idle RPM? I've noticed with straight cut (non synchro) transmissions that if they are idling to fast they are hard to shift up through the gears. Also have noted that when double clutching down if the accelerator is weak and the engine is slow to burp up it is harder...
  18. CMPPhil

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Great horn, but after you sound that will there be enough air left for the brakes?
  19. CMPPhil

    What did you do to your M37 today?

    Hi 50 Years ago I put a giant Kill Roy on the plywood of my roof before roofing, yesterday it surprised the roofing crew roofing my house for the third time, they had no idea what or who Kill Roy was. Of course most weren't even born 25 years ago when I reroofed the house the first time...
  20. CMPPhil

    New England rides/clubs

    Hi Take look at web page has members from most New England States. Web page will give you an idea of what they do. It is a more general military vehicle club. Cheers Phil
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