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  1. Brutacus

    1971 M818 that I did Super single swap with 16.00r20's.

    They Hemtt wheels WILL stick out a little further, but the wheels will be within the 8'6" maximum width. Also, you might have to adjust your will stops. Mine barely rubs the pitman arm when turning hard left.
  2. Brutacus

    M813 rear wheel seals

    Don't forget to replace cork behind the outer seal. It fits in the tab groove behind the grease seal. You have to find some cork and carve it to shape. Also, some rtv sealant on the outside of the grease seal in the tab groove helps to. Here is a really good write up from jpekarek. 5 ton rear...
  3. Brutacus

    M818 Transmission breather leaking air

    I had a similar problem when I first got my M818. I thought the poppets were malfunctioning, but it turned out to be the sprag air cylinder on the transfer case. The rubber gaskets on the brass piston had been replaced with O-rings instead of the cup style gasket. It somehow made it seem like...
  4. Brutacus

    m818 trans swap??

    I'm very interested in this transmission swap write up. How soon?
  5. Brutacus

    New Member

    No, that's not my truck. The photo is about 5 years old. I did look at it when it was up for sale back then, but I didn't have the cash at the time. I was thinking it was the same truck because of the winch, bumper, lights, and spacers on the front wheels.
  6. Brutacus

    New Member

    I'm wondering if this is the same truck, if it is where's the train horn?
  7. Brutacus

    m818 trans swap??

    M818's have a short wheel base which limits the amount of space you have. Be sure to look at the width and length of the transmission, and how close the forward drive shaft is to the transmission. The M939's have the wider automatic transmission which use an offset carrier bearing to locate the...
  8. Brutacus

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    If the bushing isn't loose or spinning in the mount, you'll need a 2-1/4" striking wrench. I used a 3 lbs. short sledge to turn it. The striking wrench is the one at the top. It can be a real pain for sure, but that's what it takes to do that job... that and lots of curse words.
  9. Brutacus

    Bertha is apparently jealous of the attention I'm giving the M37.(Torque bar separation)

    If you buy the safety bar bushings for a 5 ton, you'll find the price is about 6 or 7 dollars more than the regular bushings. You can find some more here. With a similar price, I just save myself a lot of work and swapped out all 12 bushings.
  10. Brutacus

    Bertha is apparently jealous of the attention I'm giving the M37.(Torque bar separation)

    They manufacture a version of the 5ton under license. They made a few improvements, but most of the truck is the same.
  11. Brutacus

    Bertha is apparently jealous of the attention I'm giving the M37.(Torque bar separation)

    I'd suggest getting the South Korean safety bar bushings. They prevent the torque rod from slipping off if the bushing fails. To get the axle back in line, a good ratchet strap might do the trick.
  12. Brutacus

    Why these hoops around the rear shackle hooks?

    M818's and other tractor trucks don't have the bumperettes either.
  13. Brutacus

    5 ton new brake problems

    You could have a multitude of problems adding up to the big problems you have now. Once you rule out the air pack, check your brake cylinders. I went through similar problems with my brake system. After replacing the master cylinder, another air pack, replace the hoses and most of the rusted...
  14. Brutacus

    M916 too tall for M129?

    The 5th wheel height on M818 running on 16.00R20's is about 60 inches
  15. Brutacus

    Simp's M816 Bringing back from the dead thread

    Are you going to combine this one to your current M816 to make one monster wrecker, or just make it a different build for recoveries and other things? Since I know you don't care for the M809 brakes, are you going to put S-cam brakes or swap the axles out of a M939?
  16. Brutacus

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsered by for $250 store credit

    I'm tossing my name in the hat, IN
  17. Brutacus

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    The 5 brake hoses were purchased from Memphis Equipment. Really any vendor that sells the hoses are good for that. The Hard lines I bought from 2 places. Fedhill for the 1/4" copper/nickel lines, and the 5/16", and 3/8" steel lines I bought from Eastwood. The hard lines came in 20ft. and 30ft...
  18. Brutacus

    T-138 sprag question.

    If you add a duece bed on the M818, you can remove the tire carrie/tool box and have plenty of room for the 12 ft. bed. If you keep the tire carrier/tool box, you might have to add a frame extension for the 12 ft. bed, or shorten the bed. If you look at the frame behind the rear wheels you'll...
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