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  1. fuzzytoaster

    Potential for New Soft Doors HMMWV

    Shiny like cheap plastic army-men copies.
  2. fuzzytoaster

    Potential for New Soft Doors HMMWV I like his doors but not so much his rear curtains. It's just my opinion though.
  3. fuzzytoaster

    Potential for New Soft Doors HMMWV

    Price would have to be on point. I can get milspec door skins with windows for $750/pair of 4 shipped to my door. I just have to reuse the existing frame. Each door takes about an hour to redo with the rivets if I'm watching TV while doing it.
  4. fuzzytoaster

    2023 TX MV Rally

    Looks like I'll be attending but no MV this year. Anyone have an open seat to ride to the museum Saturday?
  5. fuzzytoaster

    Tan paint for humvee

    Behr Marquee Exterior Flat - don't cut it with water. It's perfect.
  6. fuzzytoaster

    2023 TX MV Rally

    The odds of me attending are small this year. A wedding happening before it and I've got a role in it. We will see if I just come down for the day..
  7. fuzzytoaster

    Wheel Bounce

    Rotate the tire to the rear and drive again to see if the issue changes. If it remained in the front right look into you steering knuckle or wheel bearing.
  8. fuzzytoaster

    Paging fuzzytoaster

  9. fuzzytoaster

    TX HMMWV Military Bogert 30M-HVBMI Support Leveling Jack Kit 5120-01-573-3382

    I have a few new in the box hydraulic jack kits for the HMMWV. These are 2017 made for thee armored units capable for 4.25 tons. Each jack is new and complete (see photos). $400 + shipping
  10. fuzzytoaster

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Put some new shoes on this girl. It really makes the truck look not so anemic with the G177s.
  11. fuzzytoaster

    M1097R1 No start

    Make sure the shifter is securely in "N" neutral. With the ignition switch turned to start and hold you can run the gears selector to hear it click making sure it isn't that issue. Secondly check if you hear a click from the starter. If not crawl under it and check all wires. Lastly hit the...
  12. fuzzytoaster

    TX Blue Force Tracker Windshield Mount

    I've got a few 2020 NOS windshield mounts up for grabs. Great for display or mounting remote spot lights. You name it. $65/ea shipped
  13. fuzzytoaster

    Pintle hitches on tanks and APCs

    I saw this yesterday on FB and had to save it for a moment like this. I too want to tow something behind my M113 but seem to come up short on what actually looks good.
  14. fuzzytoaster

    LMTV Doors

    I've got 4 cabs coming in and I plan to part one out. What color doors do you need?
  15. fuzzytoaster

    CUCV Tahoe Sour Grapes post

    I watched it and chuckled. Prices are weird right now. I got my CUCV II pickup for $6500 2 years ago and I thought I overpaid. I guess I did alright in hindsight.
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