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  1. engineer233

    Job for a wrecker

    I am looking for a member in the Louisville , Ky area that has a wrecker or a crane that would be willing to help load some interstate concrete barriers. I have rescently won some from auction and need some help loading. My options are to trailer my M936 up and load myself and make another trip...
  2. engineer233

    M936 A2 transfer case problem

    Unhook the pto linkage at the transfer case pto to see if the pto shift lever will come back down. Sounds like to me the pto is stuck engaged.
  3. engineer233

    M1102 Behind M936A2 Wrecker, Looks Great!

    Looks good
  4. engineer233

    m936 transmisson stuck in reverse

    Follow the wires at the back of the shift lever and unplug them. I had a M932 the wires came unplugged and I had to shut the truck off and bleed the air down to shift the transfer case until I found the problem. May not fix your issue but it's something to try.
  5. engineer233

    What have you done WITH your wrecker this week?

    I used the crane so to lift up on the building to start it on the trailer and also helped steer it to keep it straight. I had the building built on 4x4 runners so it could be moved. We notched the 4x4's where each floor joist met it so there would be equal pressure on the whole floor. The...
  6. engineer233

    What have you done WITH your wrecker this week?

    Was moving day so the 936 got a workout. Moved my boys pirate ship swing set first , then came back for our 10x20 building that was fully loaded.
  7. engineer233

    M939 Transmission Swap Options

    Update. I had a couple minutes to work on my truck today. On inspection of my modulator cable I found it was hanging up on a return spring on my injector pump. Replaced the large diameter spring with a smaller one so the cable could clear and tested the truck back and forth in my driveway. The...
  8. engineer233

    M939 Transmission Swap Options

    I spoke today with the closest Allison repair shop and the first thing he said was modulator cable or a possible valve body issue. None the less I plan to start with filter changes and double checking the modulator valve cable. Hopefully will do it this weekend or early next week.
  9. engineer233

    M939 Transmission Swap Options

    Hello guy's. I have a M936A1 . My transmission is now slipping when shifting between first and second gear. Also when it downshifts from second to first it drops in extremely hard. I have done my fair share of reading and can't really find a answer for the question I'm about to ask. Later on I...
  10. engineer233

    Flat tow transmission damage

    I wish you the best of luck from this point but would plan on a new tranny. I do agree with gimpyrobb on pulling the axles. I was rushed before from Indianapolis but quickly stopped just off the base and got my truck in order. Again best of luck to ya.
  11. engineer233

    New guy from Louisville, Ky

    Welcome from London,Ky. Beware the green fever is tough once you get it.
  12. engineer233

    5 ton lockout hubs

  13. engineer233

    M939 Transfercase shifting

    Engaged,low range, and in reverse.
  14. engineer233

    M931A1 Transfercase Issues

    I would take the inspection plate off of the top and look down in it and watch the hi/lo shifter fork and make sure it is moving properly. Kinda sounds as if it may be hanging between gears. Just my thoughts
  15. engineer233

    M931 pulling trailer? 24v.

    I got one from couple a years ago and supplied some of the parts for $75. I think he has went up a bit on prices but has good stuff.
  16. engineer233

    M931 pulling trailer? 24v.

    I actually have a convertor cable for mine.
  17. engineer233

    M936 PTO problem

    Member bbf may still have some as well.
  18. engineer233

    M936 operation question

    Do you get the grinding noise without the PTO engaged and trans in 1-5 and tc in neutral? If no grinding then my best guess is it is the PTO . If the grinding continues without the PTO engaged try adjusting the tc shift lever as it may be still trying to stay in high range. If I was closer I...
  19. engineer233

    M936 operation question

    Make sure your transfer case is in neutral. If the truck is at idle it may not operate the boom or winch. The transmission will have to be in 1-5.
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