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    In Search of 9.00x20 Tires for M211

    The main differences are percentage of remaining tread and loose versus mounted please feel free to email to discuss further
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    michelin 395/85r20 xzl

    TI-1824 | Michelin 395/85R20 XZL Tire Mounted on Wheel / Rim 90% Tread Michelin 395/85R20 XZL Tire Mounted on Steel Wheel / Rim NSN #: 2530-01-572-7971, 2530-01-581-5779 Price: $485.00
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    AMTECH 4 place HMMWV Helmet Hard Top wanted.

    we have a few on the east coast if you cant find closer we can paint tan as needed HM-1434 | Helmet Hard Top, 4-Man Camouflage Fiberglass with Side Storage Compartments HMMWV (#4) 4 Man HMMWV Camouflage Fiberglass Helmet Hard Top with Side Storage Compartments NSN #: 2510-01-502-8314 Part #...
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    Nhc 250 cummins pt pump rebuild

    in stock, rebuilt $1150
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    In Search of 9.00x20 Tires for M211

    options TI-1826 | Titan Hawk Military Tread NDT Bias Ply Tire 900-20 with Rim 50% tread or more Titan Hawk Military Tread NDT Bias Ply Tire 900-20 with Rim NSN #: 2610-00-262-8677 Part #: 7389621 Price: $179.00 TI-113 | 9.00 x 20 Military Tread Bias Tire 100% Tread 42" tall 9.00 x 20 Bias...
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    New member in PA

    Welcome Aboard From Bucks County PA
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    Power steering

    we have installed several upgrade kits over the years - with little success, some are not safe, we stopped offering them here is the OEM air assit kit- it is not perfect- but a major improvement over no power...
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    Eastern Surplus - We Have Moved!

    WE HAVE MOVED! Take an aerial tour of our brand-new vehicle rebuild facility and parts distribution warehouse. Click to watch... BROWSE OUR INVENTORY Repair & Maintenance Parts We stock over 8,000 parts in our modern 100K Sq. Ft...
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    M939AA2 Injection Pump

    in stock and ready to ship 9M-154 | Fuel Injection Pump Cummins 6CTA 8.3 Liter Turbo Fuel Injection Pump Cummins 8.3 Liter Turbo Fuel Injection Pump Fits M939A2, M923A2, M925A2, M927A2, M929A2, M930A2, M931A2 5-Ton Trucks NSN #: 2910-01-268-8757, 2910-01-337-4142 Part #: 0403436109, 3915581...
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    WTB M35A3 engine side access panel

    MA3-741 | Engine Access Panel Left Side Engine Cover M35A3 Left Driver Side Engine Access Panel M35A3 NSN #: 2510-01-408-5651 Part #: 12448806 Price: $279.00
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    PA Radio and Communications Equipment Parts for sale

    We have just updated our radio parts inventory prices reduced Radio Parts Radio-Parts
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    Purchasing new tires

    here are some 2018 DOT Wranglers TI-1830 | Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 37x12.50R16.5LT Radial Tire New 100% Tread Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 37x12.50R16.5LT Tire 100% Tread NSN #: 2610-01-563-8328 Part #: 12518665 Price: $289.00
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    Anyone seen this kind of pintle hitch before?

    my understanding is it is for use when the S788 shelter is installed
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    Anyone seen this kind of pintle hitch before?

    we stock these at $445 HM-1993 | Rear Bumper Extension with Pintle Hook Hitch HMMWV Rear Bumper Extension with Pintle HMMWV NSN #: Part #: 12342661 Price: Call for details
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    I’m new to ss. This is my m54a2

    Welcome aboard
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    M939 manuals.

    we have some of these MAN-TM 9-2320-272-24-2 | M939 Series 5 Ton Trucks Comprehensive Maintenance & Rebuild, Volume II Comprehensive Maintenance & Rebuild Volume II for M939 Series 5 Ton Trucks NSN #: Part #: TM 9-2320-272-24-2 Price: $49.00
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    Non-opening windshields?

    we stock these $895 each
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    M923 injection pump needed

    rebuilt 5T-1051 | Fuel Injection Pump for Cummins Diesel Engine NHC 250 PT Style Fuel Injection Pump for Cummins NHC 250 PT Style for M809 and M939 5-Ton Trucks NSN #: 2910-01-215-6721 Part #: 3060711-4144 $1,150.00
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    Need source of a serpentine belt for M35A3C

    MA3-660 | Serpentine Belt Caterpillar 3116 Diesel Engine M35A3 Serpentine Belt for CAT 3116 Engine used for Fan and Alternator for M35A3 Series NSN #: 3030-01-460-1030 Part #: 12448759, RCSK17002-2 $45.00
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    HMMWV fan shroud wanted Va.

    not sure if this is the shroud you need we have some with slight cracks and splits- new condition for $49 NOS for $325 HM-436 | Radiator Fan Shroud HMMWV Radiator Fan Shroud for HMMWV NSN #: 2930-01-317-5358 Part #: 12342435, 5935356 Price: $49.00
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