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  1. 6x6pinz

    Considering a Pinzgauer... nervous

    The Real 4x forum has pretty much covered your issues. It is the "pinzgauer" place to be. These can be great trucks if you get a good one or the worst truck you ever own if it is one of the very rare lemons. The EXEC II was just an upgrade that came along dealing with lubrication inside the...
  2. 6x6pinz

    My Black Mesa Pinz

  3. 6x6pinz

    Wiring Harness

    I used the wiring harness from vintage wiring of Maine, could not have been happier. Great product at around $800 it was a no brainer to install and everything worked once installed, unlike before. There is nothing worse than completing a project to find it has electrical bugs.
  4. 6x6pinz

    for those looking for one

    I found this while browsing. Have not followed these vehicles so don't know if it is a good deal but thought it might interest someone. No I don't know who owns it just...
  5. 6x6pinz

    papago and Jack's surplus

    RE: papago and Jack All the really cool trucks were out front, Oh yeah guess I am prejudice. I only took my Daf YA126 and M37 this year. Had to work the parking lot all day so did not get a chance to hang out with anyone.
  6. 6x6pinz

    Who's going to Papago?

    RE: Who I am going to be there, sort of have to as I got parking duty. You can expect to see lots of different Military Vehicles, some vendors selling there goods and some used items from books and mags to big truck parts and complete vehicles. There will be a few of the members of this board...
  7. 6x6pinz

    Excellent fabrication

    Off topic I know but how long ago did they get divorcedd? Seemed happy to me just a few months ago. And oh yeah most excellent fab work on any project he tackles.
  8. 6x6pinz

    Oil Presure Guage Trouble

    got mine from Memphis equipment. Made everything good again. They only had the new connection type though.
  9. 6x6pinz

    Southern California Pinzgauer

    No, Though I understand that Andre is still doing some of the better pinz work that they used to do.
  10. 6x6pinz

    who out here has a Pinzgauer

    Branan Any auto glass company can do the glass for the Pinz. It is just flat safety glass.
  11. 6x6pinz

    Here’s an example of how NOT to restore your Ferret

    That would be a DAF YA-126 in 4x and DAF YA328 in the 6x. Always wanted one but the parts availability is weak at best and the hurricane 6cyl engine can barely get out of its own way. Still there is just something about the trucks I like. The Netherlands DAF club has a few YA's fixed up in a...
  12. 6x6pinz

    Motor pool Pictures from tech day in Ramona

    Glad to see the So Cal guys getting together in numbers. Hopefully you all can realize the power of numbers and the joy of being with like minded folks. I know it is difficult with everyones busy schedule to get together but when you do you will find it worth it. I had prior pinzgauer...
  13. 6x6pinz

    Ok, What the hell?

    RE: Problem? In this case I guess pictures are not worth a thousand words. Does not look like the surfaces the bearings ride on were damaged.
  14. 6x6pinz

    m37 cab top install

    I will have to check out the ground. One of the best investments we made on the truck was the wiring set from Vintage wiring of Maine. A lot of the troubles we had before we started disappeared when the new wiring was installed. I also put in all new switches to make sure there would be no...
  15. 6x6pinz

    m37 cab top install

    As our project nears completion I am trying to fit the canvas top on my son's truck. Does anyone have a clear picture or instructions on how the rope is tied off. Project update truck is on road all lights working but the oil pressure gauge does not seem to work. Installed a temporary...
  16. 6x6pinz

    710 transfer case in 712

    Andy These guys have been a great help with my M37 projects. The knowledge and advise received has been very helpful. I have just about finished the first M37 and should be getting it painted within the next month or so. My son is getting anxious to drive it with school starting back up...
  17. 6x6pinz

    710 transfer case in 712

    RE: Re: 710 transfer case in 712 Chuck I would like to do the opposite. I would be willing to trade out my 710 Tcase for a 712 Tcase. I would like to get a 712 Tcase in my 710. Of course I would also like to get some lower gears in my 712 also but that does not seem to be in the cards.
  18. 6x6pinz

    RMP Treffen

    Anyone planning on attending? A few of us from AZ are making the trip. Hope to see some of you there.
  19. 6x6pinz

    Separate 12 volt system

    I drive my Pinz's (712M and 710M) around 30K miles a year, about half of that is on the highway. We have a couple of guys in the SWPA who use their Pinz as a daily (only) driver. The Pinz is very capable of running 55mph for extended periods of time. The biggest draw back is the drivers...
  20. 6x6pinz

    canvas support at rear of cab

    I need to replace the canvas support bow at the rear of the cab. The one with the truck has been repaired a few times and is bent to a point it is time to replace. Anyone know where I can find one?
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