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    My first multifuel?

    I was thinking of putting a helicopter crash seat like this. Trying to figure some ad hoc roll over protection...
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    General topic: MV “social mass”

    I was reading on the concept of ”social mass”, ie how a small issue of a minority can be so magnified as to garner media attention (hopefully positive) and as to seem quite more widespread than it actually is. Well, a hack, or trick of prestidigitation, I have done unwittingly. I have come to...
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    HET M1070 Barely Moves, No Guts

    As said above... I just pressurize gently the fuel tank after rigging the fuel cap with a ball valve I adjust to fit a pneumatic hose. It can be done with a bike hand pump too. I then untighten all the fuel line connections and filters all the way to the pump until everything drips as fuel...
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    Engine oil

    I thought that Napa/Wix filters were the best after seeing a test but when Adeptape on youtube opened them and showed the crappy worksmanship of their regular white cannisters I was horrified. I wish I could find Mann filters for my M923 if anyone knows which model it is. I tried looking but no...
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    Engine oil

    I stay away from Rotella due to the low emission ZDDP content that at one point was destroying the cams on Ford 6.7s. Im not sure since then Rotella changed the formula but I do remember that Chevron had to discontinue one of their diesel oils that I bought $20 for 5 gal once at walmart because...
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    M939 Wiring /Lighting issue

    Make sure the ground/bounding is good. I play with HAM radios and I have the same truck and they tend to develop rogue current through the frame from one piece of electric to the other.
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    How do you make a LMTV NOT suck in the snow?

    Drove during the snow blizzard through Tennessee and my truck did not like the salt corrosion, so I hear you. On a down hill with the M923, there was some ice packed snow on the left lane. I used it but felt iffy on it and went back on the right lane. And then a semi passed me like it was...
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    Finally got my R11 home from Cali - phew

    Good question, will look it up
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    Finally got my R11 home from Cali - phew

    Red line was 2200 RPM and a whopping 60 mph... So, mostly going 55....
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    WA state cancelling MV titles

    Yep yep yep. Seem to me a $$ compliance issue. Manufacturers of new trucks have required to pay so much for safety and highway features in order to cut competition compliance out and now they have a hissy fit on people acquiring military vehicles. So much for serving your country as a soldier...
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    The official 2023 Southeast Military Vehicle Rally information thread (the event formerly known as the Georgia Rally).

    Hmm. I have to drive a deuce from Indiana to Florida, I might just do it and stop by that rally on the way down. I got a few NDT wheels I could trade with there and a few advice I could get too.
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    Finally got my R11 home from Cali - phew

    Was able to title the R11 and get a temporary moving registration to get it to Florida all the way from Arizona. (Took about 51 hours counting the breaks with my friend co-driving). The second picture is from the first trip from Doyle, CA to Phoenix, Arizona with my friends on top taking a...
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    New to the deuce, quick question on humming pump.

    I have changed the oil filters but not yet the greased the grease points. I think I need to change the front boots and check the seals and brakes because the brake force is weak (wet?). I empty the air tanks opening the drain cocks after a day's ride but sometimes there still is a bit of...
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    New to the deuce, quick question on humming pump.

    Once I shut it down after a trip, I hear some kind of humming which must be the lift fuel pump. Am I correct? Also, are these originally equipped with a hair drier, if not I was thinking of installing one if possible. I am thinking of changing the fuel filters too but I hope it is not going to...
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    Need Florida Vin check signed in Arizona + repost from other thread

    Finally got it titled, registration pending the IRS 2290! Oh my. What a drag. I guess they wanted an actual Florida dealership license number from iron planet, the sf97 and their bobo letter not being enough. Iron Planet had an actual one for Florida. Not sure why in their process they did not...
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    Wheel lubing sight glass?

    The glass is so blurry I cannot even see if there is any oil or not. I drove it last 10 hours no issues but I will need to look it up seriously now.
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    Wheel lubing sight glass?

    Was not sure if this was the right place to post. I have a front wheel on a tanker truck that has this cap allowing to sight the lubing, one used for trailer wheels too, I was told. I was not sure how that works and how to fill it up or maintain it. A trucker dude said if it is not lubed right...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    i could not find any studds for 5 ton combat rim halves , was told to get a Hemtt studd and solder it on when I messed one up. Anyone knows where to find them?
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    My first multifuel?

    I tried the NAPA power steering fluid and it does not work very well… might be too thin, the steering felt strange or seemed to have slight vibrations as a result. 10w hydraulic oil i I think is what is needed. Others say CAT10...
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    Need Florida Vin check signed in Arizona + repost from other thread

    So I finally found a guardsman on base who is a cop in the civilian world to sign off my papers. Thank goodness for networking. That dude saved me a lot of trouble.
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