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  1. goodguyzy

    M1070 Tech & Tips

    New battery time. 6tl from napa.
  2. goodguyzy

    M1070 Tech & Tips

    My insurance is through a broker with progressive. Ive registered my m916 as a collectors vehicle but the HET I drive so infrequently I use trip permits. I will be registering as a collectors vehicle soon though. That limits you to club/events. I also have a class A CDL.
  3. goodguyzy

    M35A3 Owners unite

  4. goodguyzy

    M1070 Low Power Issue, resolved

    Good luck with your issue. I don't have any suggestions other that talking to the Detroit dealer.
  5. goodguyzy

    M1070 HET + M1000 Trailer: Las Vegas, NV

    Here is one for sale locally for 140K.
  6. goodguyzy

    Checking in from Oregon

    Welcome from Medford
  7. goodguyzy

    M1070 Tech & Tips

    So a few options then, wait for a parts truck to pop up for sale by private owner, buy parts from Oshkosh, get another truck from g/l either running or parts truck. I have a feeling that parts from Oshkosh would be close to a poor quality truck from g/l.
  8. goodguyzy

    M1070 Tech & Tips Around page 20 this truck gets hit. Im not sure what came of it.
  9. goodguyzy

    M1070 Tech & Tips

    Welcome to SS. You dont need to make seperate post to each member. One post will alert anyone who has posted on this thread or who has subscribed. As far as a parts truck I dont know of anyone off hand. There was a wanted add in the classidied a number of months ago but i dont think any...
  10. goodguyzy

    MRAP pics at seirra army depot

  11. goodguyzy

    MRAP pics at seirra army depot

    This was getting shipped out on my last trip. I can't find any info or pics on this one. It was being shipped to Raytheon ktech division.
  12. goodguyzy

    M916-M920 Tech & Tips

    I run mine max 2200 rpm, im sure you could run it harder but I don't want a busted engine.
  13. goodguyzy

    M916-M920 Tech & Tips

    My overspeed light comes on at 53 mph.
  14. goodguyzy

    HI gang.

    Welcome back from southern oregon. Check out my add for 395's, another option to 14.5.
  15. goodguyzy

    Quote for LMTV Atlanta georgia to Eugene oregon

    So how did things go? Can I stop by and drool when im in the eugene area yet?
  16. goodguyzy

    Any leads on an M35A3 in Southern California

    Im going to put my non winch truck up for sale as soon as I get the tires changed out to 395's. Got the tires just need to get moving.
  17. goodguyzy

    M1070 dash lights

    Mine come on when you turn the start switch to its first click, in other words they are on all the time till you shut the truck off or turn them off at the dimmer switch.
  18. goodguyzy

    M1070 dash lights

    Im 99% sure they are 12 volt. Cant remember when they come on though.
  19. goodguyzy

    M1078A1 starter will not crank maybe this will help
  20. goodguyzy

    The EPA/DLA stoppage and where we stand and what we should do

    Sorry missed that one. Im just surprised this thread isn't buzzing.
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