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    All 6 tires airing down

    Its a main supply line for air to the ctis I belive. Mine started leaking so I plugged the hole. If you have 4 lights flashing on the controller simply hit runflat mode and it will bypass the fault. If all 5 are flashing there is an electrical problem in the system. If there are 5 lights solid...
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    Convince me I'm crazy

    Sounds good. I may be interested I. The transfer case in the fall
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    MTVR ECM Configure File

    If you are ready to install reach out to @Elijah95 for the spicy tunes. 530 WHP not at the crank like the 505
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    MK48 Flat Towing another MK48 Florida to Minnesota

    I saw this video a few years ago and was wondering who was crazy enough to attempt this. Good recovery I will say.
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    Convince me I'm crazy

    18k For doors and all the parts from Pierce or Oshkosh. I am working on door fabrication now with roofs fairly far behind.
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    FMTV CTIS Wheel Valve Assembly Rebuild How-to

    Not a bad Idea. Have you tried metric fittings? I know that I needed a metric adapter to go from the ctis wheel valve to JIC to be able to make a hose on the hub side.
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    FMTV CTIS Wheel Valve Assembly Rebuild How-to

    My local hydraulic shop was able to make me a custom hose with correct metric fittings for my LMTV wheel conversion on a 5 ton.
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    Service manual? What are all these teal stickers on every part?

    Lots of people use the 505 tune and they seem to have good success. Your TIM module on the firewall is probably fried.
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    Service manual? What are all these teal stickers on every part?

    Your going to have to take a hard look as I stated earlier if the metal housing on the top front part of the transfer case will clear the cab mounts/ cab. From forums I have read there may not be enough space for it...
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    Service manual? What are all these teal stickers on every part?

    I have not seen these labels before. My guess is it was a training truck that mechanics used to familiarize themselves with the platform. As for service manuals they are currently not available to the public. Even if they were they are only accessible via a special software which is only...
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    Service manual? What are all these teal stickers on every part?

    1.27 or 1.28 is the ratio of the stock MTVR Oshkosh 30000 transfer case. With the Oshkosh 55000 I was looking at had a .98 or .96 overdrive (in the classifieds). That would bring your "transmission ratio" to .6272 from .82. I was looking at a top speed of 83.83 mph at 2000 rpm. At 1200 rpm...
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    5TID's M923A2 ROPS build thread

    Actually the 395s decrease egt because of less rolling resistance and more torque applied to the ground aka better gear ratio. I currently cruise about 1000 on the highway for reference.
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    5TID's M923A2 ROPS build thread

    Turning up the fuel on the 8.3 is a very rewarding thing. I did it on my m932a2 and love it. One thing to note however, is that you are going to quickly learn that the 8.3 loves to make heat. I can reach 1300 cruising on the highway (fairly flat but some hills) at 67mph on 395 mv/t and 2 clicks...
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    84’ M1009 Glow plugs

    I like your point here. Question. I am "can open the hood" kind of guy. I daily drive a m1008 and it has a manual glow plug momentary button. When it is anywhere between 50-65 degrees outside it takes a good 10 seconds of glow plugs to get it to fire off. I have been assuming I should look into...
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    Elijah95s wrecker project

    Would have been a Ron question.
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    MV of the Month March 2023

    Next month I'm going to enter my new toy since my m932a2 doesn't seem to stand up.....
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    LMTV CTIS controller VS 5 Ton CTIS Controller

    What are the differences between a m939 and LMTV CTIS controller. Are they interchangeable and if not why?
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    ECO Hubs Who needs 3:07 gears?

    Could you do a video accelerating from a stop to about 55mph?
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    Newbie, need info on this truck, questions

    The ctis system often doesn’t work but is usually only due to a very minor issue. Not a super complicated system and I enjoy my ctis very much. Working in fields that may get soft I would suspect you would want ctis too. You would probably like a m923a2 or a m927a2.
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    Fair price on Two MEPs ?

    8500. That is basically all the info I have.
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