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    Under water M38A1 :**

    Was shown a photo yesterday of one of my M38A1s. it is one that I have on loan to our local gun shop. it is a non running, but very complete M38A1 with the machine gun mount, cradle, and a fiberglass 50 cal. It is used by them for advertisement. In the picture, after hurricane Florence passed...
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    got a 63 M151 plus parts!

    Just got a 1963 M151, with parts...I am looking at it as a save from the scrap dealer. Today we hauled 4 pickup truck loads of parts out of the building, and I am thinking maybe 3 more loads! Most of the stuff is NOS, but I am not a M151 guy so I am in the dark on some of the parts. I will keep...
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    Transmission manuals

    Wanted to start another thread for this subject on the M-211 transmissions. I just picked up about 11 boxes of old used manuals. In the boxes were two manuals for the 301MG and the 303M hydra-matic transmissions. I asked on a post below about the manuals and was told the two manuals for the...
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    How do you tell the year your M35 was made by looking at the data plate? One of the few, Frank USMC RET
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    "C" means what?

    Ok, I am mainly for the past 30 been a WWII vehicle collector. I do have a couple of the M35A2 trucks now. Here is my question, I just went and looked at a M50A2C fuel tanker. I remember the M50A2 trucks while in the Marines, but what does the "C" stand for? Thanks. One of the few, Frank USMC RET.
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    One of the first M37s

    My very close friend has one of the first M37s made. He is thinking of selling it, but is clueless to a price, and so am I on this. The M37 was made on January 10th, 1951, the first month of production. Years ago, I looked up the vehicle number and it was the 11th or 13th one made (I think, to...
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    What happened???

    I just typed out a long reply, and when I went to post, I got a message my post was 3 letters to short? and it did not post, I spent way to my time on it already. What happened? One of the few, Frank USMC RET
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    What does it go to?

    My friend has several transmissions in the containers. The FSN is 2520-732-1329 Does any one know what they go to? He is thinking something armor. Hate to see them scrapped when some one might be able to use them. Any clues? One of the few, Frank USMC RET
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    Serail number on data plate

    Ok, tried the Search thingy, got no were fast. Could some one point me to the link that talks about serail numbers on the data plate of the M35A2. The one truck I am working on now is a Jeep Corportion one. On the data plate it is stamped serail number, there is some stampings, and some numbers...
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    pick up times at GL sites

    I am posting this after reading a post about missing a pick up time at a GL site. In one of the following post was some incorrect word was passed that might lead to other members showing up after a long drive and finding a locked gate instead of picking up there truck. If we could get fellow...
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    Power steering kit for M35A2

    I see that Inter Agency Motor Pool will be making the power steering kits again. The kit is called the Air-O-Matic. Has any one put one on there truck? if so, is it worth the $1800 price tag? any comments on it? Thanks! One of the few, Frank USMC RET
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    M101 trailer help

    Does any one here have a M101 trailer made in or around 1965? My data plate is blank in the spot for manufacture. I need a manufacture of the m101s to put in the spot before I get my title. Thanks!! One of the few, Frank USMC RET
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    Box seat for the M35

    Who from up north was wanting a M35 box drivers seat for the M35? We PMed each other several moths ago, but I lost contact. One of the few, Frank USMC RET
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    SF 97

    Stupid quiston. The form you fill out for the SF97. Is there a time limit? One of the few, Frank USMC RET
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    Turbine oil

    Has any one or can I use "Turbine Oil" (made by Royco) in the M35A2? It is also called "Lubricating oil helicopter transmission". Also, what should I mix it to with the diesel? One of the few, Frank USMC RET.
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    Cargo covers???

    Need help again.... What part of the hummer does this cover fit NSN 2540013306169 and this cover NSN 2540013306170 These covers are new in the box and I do not want to open them , just like folding a map, I can never get it back into the box. One more, this is a seat cushion, what does it go to...
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    For sell 1942 WC53 Carry All

    Need to sell the Carry All. It has all the seats and both tail gates that are missing on allot of the WC53s you find. The lower tail gate was rebuilt by the best WC53 guy in the states. I have no time for this truck, neds to go to a good home. $3800 or best offer. Truck is in North Carolina. One...
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    Does any one have a M578 recovery vehicle?

    If you have a M578 tracked recover vehicle (God bless you), I have a "slip ring suction hose repair kit" you can have it. Just pay the postage, no other fees. One of the few, Frank
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    parts? what?

    Ok, went to GL today and got the "medical" parts today. Need help on some what is it and what does it go to? 1. First is some seals, nsn 5330-01-360-7753, MFR Part Number is A1205-Q2435 What does it got to? 2. this looks like a motor mount? nsn 5342-01-160-5937, Part number CB11242...
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    Special for you guys

    I just put in the classifieds, that I have some mattocks for sell that go on your pioneer rack. I am selling them for about the same price as the cheap, made in India ones I just saw at Lowes. These mattocks are twice as heavy duty as the ones I looked they came from a Marine base...
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