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  1. glcaines

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    You will love a fiberglass hood. They used to be fairly common, but are scarce to find now.
  2. glcaines

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    No photos of tearing out the insulation. My steel hood was so rusted under the insulation I simply took it to the transfer station for recycling. I believe the problem is that water leaks past the seams on the center piece of steel on top of the steel hoods and soaks the insulation with water...
  3. glcaines

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    I trashed all of that insulation under my steel hood. I plan on trashing the insulation on the side panels as well but haven't yet. That insulation causes rust if you have a steel hood. I located an NOS fiberglass hood years ago and it is far superior to the cut and widened steel hood that...
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