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    Need M48A1 TM's....I really NEEEEED them, please help :(

    Last couple weeks I have been pulling the engine on the M48A1 off and on between work. My whole convert to M60 Continental diesel endeavor is scrapped because the AVDS-1790-2 is waaaaay too expensive to procure plus dumb me forgot this was an A1 and does not have the louvered rear. :???: So...

    Anyone have a flyable UH-1 in Louisiana???

    Just wondering. I've always wanted to shoot out of one :)

    M-48 starter needed

    Anyone have one? For a 12cyl continental?

    Need some help. Will Wagner, anyone...need wiring scematics for M-48 and V-300

    Does anyone have a complete wiring schematic for the M-48 with the 12CYL CONTINENTAL GAS ENGINE. I know there is one somewhere online of the diesel one. I need the gasoline one. This thing is driving me nuts and I don't care about any other systems at the moment except engine operation. The...

    Tatra 912-2, Still stumped for extra airflow/cooling

    Long time since I posted but lotsa things have been keeping me busy :( Does anyone possibly know where I can find a temperature switch or thermocouple of sorts for air temperatures? I am still trying to rig some electric cooling fans to help evacuate the engine compartment of hot air and...

    Louisiana guys, anyone have a deuce towbar I can borrow?

    Hey Hey! I need to move an immobile Deuce to lafayette from my house in Rayne, anyone have one I can borrow for saturday??? :grd:

    Museum opening/possible rally?????

    OK, THIS IS PROB WHERE I NEEDED TO PUT THIS. MODS PLEASE DELETE THE OTHER. Hey guys, our museum is having a little grand opening and I was thinking that it might be a good idea to post it here in case some of you guys wanted to drive out there and check it out. Drive on out and cjeck it out...

    Museum opening/possible rally?????

    Hey guys, our museum is having a little grand opening and I was thinking that it might be a good idea to post it here in case some of you guys wanted to drive out there and check it out. Drive on out and cjeck it out, if you have green iron it is most welcome, would be awesome if you can...

    Need parts for PV 2 Harpoon

    Hey guys we have two of these to restore and I'm looking for parts, etc for them. I particularly need to find one engine good/rebuildable/parts/junk engine. I think the engines are Pratt & Whitney R-2800 or R-2800-31 engines. If you have jugs and pistons that would work too.
  10. EZFEED

    HELP got sparks coming out of my tailpipe!?!?!?!

    Fellow diesel mechanics........I need some advice/help/diagnosis!!!!!!! Today I started throwing sparks from my tailpipe....what gives???? I have not seen this happen before even on the deuce? I had to do some work in my shop tonight so I cranked up and wheeled my beast out of its lair and...
  11. EZFEED

    M-8 diesel conversion,,,,I like this :)

    eBay Motors: M-8 Armored Car for Sale in New England (item 320367985168 end time May-14-09 16:11:06 PDT) Check this little greyhound out. If I had one, this is how I'd want it set up.....the heck with the gas engine. :-D That little Detroit sure fits in there nicely!
  12. EZFEED

    5-ton tranny

    Hey, is there any way to ensure that a tranny is good? I have one for a 5-ton that I picked up in a lot and its just sitting here taking up space so I want to get rid of it. It seems to be OK but what I want to know is if someone here can decipher the numbers written in paint stick on the sides...
  13. EZFEED

    Southwestern Louisiana storage/assistance

    Well I'm not sure if you'd call my location southwestern LA or not but if you are passing nearabouts or through the Rayne, Church Point, Eunice, Crowley area and have mechanical trouble or run out of time and need a place to store your stuff then give me a holler. I have 30 acres of free...
  14. EZFEED

    SuperTech 85-140W GL-5

    Hey guys, what are your opinions of the WalMart SuperTech 85-140W gear oil? It's says its good for applications where a GL-5 specified grade is required. The reason I ask is because I just changed the oil in all three axles on my praga and if the stuff is crap then I'd like to know. The manual...
  15. EZFEED

    Help finding a vibration.....

    OK just so you all know this is not on a deuce, this is on my Lizard. What I've been feeling is a low pulsing vibration when I reach a sustained speed of 45mph or a little higher. It is smooth for about 4 seconds then goes brrrrrrrrr for about 3 seconds then smoothes out again and repeats...
  16. EZFEED

    Anyone here have a T-72 or 55/54/60????

    I'm trying to figure out if I can fit inside a T-72. I'm over 6' and have about a 40" waist and I'm told "no way" "it's made for kids" etc..... Does anyone have one or have access to one and could possibly measure the driver and turret hatches for me and maybe give me an idea if I will be able...
  17. EZFEED

    Recycled M-113 on 5 ton

    Have y'all seen this????? I snagged these pics from another forum. Neat gun truck remains
  18. EZFEED

    Flooded multifuel

    Just picked up another multifuel and am thinking of making a pawer unit out of it. One problem was partially submerged and I'm thinking that its been sitting with water in it for a while. Pulled the oil plug and several gallons of water came out, I dont know about the top end but...
  19. EZFEED

    Battery CCA

    Hey guys, in the Wal-Mart flavor of batteries what is the decent/minimum CCA per battery that would be needed for the deuce? Any of you guys run Wal-Mart batts and if so what do you get? I live in the south and cold starting is really not a problem.
  20. EZFEED

    Need help guys, exhaust smells funny????????????

    Hey guys, I have a question about exhaust odors. I dont know if this would be relevant with a timing problem but my exhaust is smelling quite pungent. This is on my Czech truck but I would figure that the odor of the exhaust would be similar to any other inline 6-cylinder compression diesel...
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