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  1. SCSG-G4

    Brake fluid capacity??

    And to make life simpler, see if you can find a Lisle Brake Bleeding Kit, part number 19200. it has a cup to catch the brake fluid in and a clear line to see if there are still bubbles. Less cleanup that way!
  2. SCSG-G4

    Brake fluid capacity??

    Bleed the MC by loosening the line at the air pack, and tighten again quickly once it has no bubbles. You will need to have air pressure or the pump sprayer contraption that Kenny described originally to bleed the air pack. Out of the air pack the line splits off to the front and the back at...
  3. SCSG-G4

    Brake fluid capacity??

    Get an assistant to pump the brakes, then go to the furthest rear brake cylinder, and with the assistant holding the brake pedal down after several pumps, open the relief valve just a little. When the stream is steady fluid, close it quickly. Repeat for each of the rear brake cylinders. Then...
  4. SCSG-G4

    Barn find, M35A3?

    What did I say about a better memory and search skills! Didn't take long!
  5. SCSG-G4

    Barn find, M35A3?

    The first part of that number is what it was built as 03-25, the second part is the serial number, which started with 10,000, so your truck was the 2379'th truck of that type delivered under that contract. A decade or more ago, there was a posting that identified the codes for the first part...
  6. SCSG-G4

    Salvage yards with Continental LD465 engines or parts?

    How big of a trailer do you have? I've got three engines in cans that I'll likely never do anything with, and a fourth that was idled w/o any coolant in the system. I should also have 'somewhere' six LDS piston assemblies and a couple of hundred poppet valve push rods! Start a conversation...
  7. SCSG-G4

    WTB M-151

    Good Luck! Check the classifieds here and G503. They will be about twice as expensive as a deuce on purchase, but the parts are a lot smaller which saves on shipping.
  8. SCSG-G4

    SC MJQ-18 (Two MEP003A's on a generator trailer w/manual transfer switch)

    Hour meters show 8.6 on the front and 9.3 on back machines. They need to go to someone younger, smarter and stronger who can get them going for hurricane season, which starts next Wednesday.
  9. SCSG-G4

    Was there a final correct answer on the LM/FMTVs being EMP proof ????

    No, they are blissfully unaware of real science.
  10. SCSG-G4

    Anyone looking for m-105 trailers in mid tn

    105's need a tall truck pintle location to be usable. That means a deuce or taller vehicle to pull it, hence not anywhere near as much interest in them vs the M101 series trailers. Back around 2010 the M-101 series were selling for $500+ while the M-105's were under $200. 750 now is about...
  11. SCSG-G4

    SC MJQ-18 (Two MEP003A's on a generator trailer w/manual transfer switch)

    For Sale $3500. Two MEP-003A generators made in 1986, unknown running condition. Exhaust has been taped over, but nothing else has been done to any of it since purchased. Pics below.
  12. SCSG-G4

    New member form South Carolina.

    Tommy, Glad Drew got your login straightened out. Tim, yes he has met me! He even did some welding at the club last night on a jeep frame for another member. Aiken Memorial Day Parade is the next one on our schedule, then the big one for the Gilbert Peach Festival on July 4.
  13. SCSG-G4

    Graves Mountain Rally Syria Virginia 2023

    An extra 10 days to decompress is highly recommended!
  14. SCSG-G4

    Graves Mountain Rally Syria Virginia 2023

    Aug 20 through Sept 4, that's going to be a long weekend! Those long trips to inspect roads in Western North Carolina must be taking their toll.
  15. SCSG-G4

    My first multifuel?

    At the rate you are going, when you finish, your truck will be BETTER than brand new!
  16. SCSG-G4

    brake lock on wrecker

    It dosen't take much, releasing a teaspoonful is usually what will do the trick.
  17. SCSG-G4

    brake lock on wrecker

    When you apply the brakes and set the MICO lock, don't be stomping the pedal through the floor! The mechanical MICO locks need to have MORE foot pressure on the pedal to release than was originally applied to set the MICO on. One of our local fellas with a wrecker always had to bleed a rear...
  18. SCSG-G4

    How To Modify A Military Antenna Base For CB Use (pics)

    What you don't sell here, bring to the VA Rally over Labor Day weekend in Syria, VA (10 miles west of Madison, VA).
  19. SCSG-G4

    How To Modify A Military Antenna Base For CB Use (pics)

    If they are the AT-1011 antennas I'm definitely interested!
  20. SCSG-G4

    ISO Service Parts Manual for the M37

    Portrayl Press may have one, they reprint a lot of old manuals.
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