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    M1161/M1163/M1164(trailer) Documents

    HI! Tim CLARK in Maryland Hopefully you've got permission by now I have Operator Manual but serious need for Maintenance manual(s) You can reach me at or Tel# 410/833-4442 THANKS!
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    MWM diesel?

    HI! This is Tim CLARK in Maryland I have two GROWLERS--one to drive and one for parts Please send me whatever manuals you have for this vehicle I'm at PO Box 126 in Glyndon,MD 21071 I'll reimburse you for the CD and postage My Tel# is 410/833-4442 THANKS !
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    MWM diesel?

    HI! This is Tim CLARK in Maryland I have two GROWLERS--one to drive and one for parts Please send me whatever manuals you have for this vehicle. I'm at POBox 126 in Glyndon,MD 21071 My Tel# is 410/833-4442 I'll reimburse you for the CD and postage THANKS!
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    Respectfully suggest a Growler forum as well.

    HI GROWLER fans... I just posted a new GROWLER thread... Looking to maybe get one as prices come down Seems there are 2 locations... Albany,GA and Barstow,CA...both a long way from me Heard the reason DRMO required rear axle steering be welded was to stop the 4-wheel steer as too many were...
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    M-1161 usmc growler

    Does anyone know about these M/Vs? Why is USMC replacing them? Who is buying them? Some large dealer with overseas contract or what? I don't see any ads for them in M/V mags... TIM in Maryland
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    Growler gets their b*lls busted - watch out for turtles?

    I'm looking at buying a GROWLER for my farm in MD...maybe replace my M-274 MULE Does anyone out there have one? I see a lot have already been sold by GOVPLANET... wonder who bought them? TIM in MD
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    RED BALL / GILBERT Hotel Info

    As before, the COUNTRY INN & SUITES at Lehighton (PA Tpke & Rt.209) is offering discount rate of $95. Regular is $139 Their # is 610/379-5066 and tell the clerk you want the REDBALL Mil Veh Show rate as authorized by RoseAnn This is about 17 miles from Gilbert but is closest good motel C U...
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    who out here has a Pinzgauer

    I have a 710K Radio/Command truck that I use with the Md Defense Force which is part of the Md Military Dept I have 524, VHF & UHF mobiles all working thru a VIC-1 GREAT Vehicle!
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    NEEDED:5Kw Diesel Gen fuel injector

    I have a 5Kw Diesel genset bought from GL at Ft Meade I find the fuel injector is missing Anyone have an extra? Thanks! Tim in MD
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    M715 Tornado survivor

    I may have a decent complete windshield in my barn. Glass may not be best but the rest should be good If interested, I'm in Maryland My EM is which is best way to reply as I don't ck SS every day
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    looking for short term outside secure storage near Fort Meade MD

    HI! MVPA member Tim CLARK here.... I have a farm about 30 mins from Meade, just off I-795 in Glyndon,MD I provided outside storage for M/Vs for the TMC--09 convoy. Farm field used for that is well off the road, people always around I sell S-250 shelters & gensets. People are always around so...
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    MVPA TCM09 Rolling

    DC to Greensburg TCM-09 I was the lead convoy M/V from staging area thru DC to Chambersburg Then I returned next day with my "M/V" CARC painted DuRango and went with the convoy almost to Greensburg. What a sight passing all the folks along the way with flags and waving at us! In Stoistown they...
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    Lodging for Jim Thorpe Show

    20 Rooms blocked at COUNTRY INN&SUITES (Lehighton,PA right at PaTpke), same rate as for last Fall Gilbert Show.. Contact ROSEANN or CHERYL @610/379-5006 Tell them you're with the M/V Show-- you can use my name- MY E-Mail is Tim CLARK
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